Poll: What matters to you the most when buying a phone ?

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Making a choice of smartphone nowadays could be such a Herculean task. There are clearly many choices, shapes sizes, specifications, so much variety that one could get lost on entering a phone store. The case is worse when you have no clearly defined choice in mind.


In the midst of all the chaos, there’s still something that appeals to us when a phone is presented to us. In no particular order, it could be the sheer screen size, the juicy battery life, the super fast processor, the wonderful camera. For some, the colour can reach out to them, while for some others the look and feel of the phone in their hands sends a message. Sometimes the decision behind purchasing a device could be one of the above listed factors or a combination of them.

Before buying that dream phone of yours, what is the most important thing you look for? Do take out time and participate in the poll. Cheers.

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  1. Woah! Camera more votes than processor?!
    I agree with Williams–battery, then RAM.

  2. why can’t I vote on this… always take me back to the homepage. well am a sucker for battery life tho

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