Nothing will frustrate you more on an already bad day than a smartphone running out of battery in the middle of the day.If you are

Big Things, Little Packages: Power Stone review

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Nothing will frustrate you more on an already bad day than a smartphone running out of battery in the middle of the day.If you are anything like the average smartphone user, you must have spoken with mum and bae in the morning. Then perhaps you have also called that annoying colleague who has refused to send the urgent document and who turned around to dictate the content to you.

Perhaps you have responded to mails on the go. Maybe you have also been using the poor gadget as a hotspot for your tablet downloading The Battle Of The Bastard episode everyone has been blabbing about. Network has been so slow and it is taking forever to download.

Aha! Running late for that morning meeting and Uber had to come on. Enter maps and GPS. Sigh. All these wahala in one morning. If you are like me, you have probably watched two episodes of Suits and seen how Harvey Spencer wrestled with Jessica again. Now, your battery is at 15 percent. A quick look at your recently polished Geneva (if yours isn’t the fake one) and it tells you the time is 12:22 pm. Aaarggh! What a morning!

Power Stone review

The Power Stone review proper

So a friend strolls into your meeting with a fashionable power bank that looks as cute as a puppy. Let’s just say that the two USB ports available are the cute eyes while the light indicator that shines brightly when attached to power represent the shining teeth.

The 10400 mAh capacity Power Stone is fashionably crafted to blend easily with your day to day itinerary. It blends, but its beauty won’t go unnoticed by your friends (maybe enemies too) whenever you waltz into a room with it.

I have used it comfortably and each time, I attempt to suck out more life out of it than it was stated to give. Yes, I love it so. I use a smartphone with a 3000 mAh battery, so one will expect the Power Stone to give me a full charge 3 times, right?

Can it actually the juice it promises to dished out? Yes; it does. I know so for a fact. The almost indescribable nature of Nigeria’s power situation has made me an ardent user of power banks. I can’t count how many of them I have owned. I have only come across one other that delivers like the Power Stone. But that’s a story for another day sha.

Power Pebble 6

Important Tips

Before we lose track, the Power Stone delivers on its promise IF you do the following religiously:

  1. Use it with a short cable. Yes, a short cable helps you extract more juice from any power bank than a long cable would. Here’s why you should use a short cable with power banks. A short cable is supplied in the product box anyway. Don’t replace it with a long one.
  2. Put off your device while charging it with the Power Stone. This prevents you from burning your stored power while charging your device.

With that being said, with the Power Stone in your pocket, you can be rest assured that your phone has nine battery lives. Well, technically speaking.

PS: if you want to get one of these beauties, you can ORDER HERE.

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  1. It’s not worth the hype. I bought it last month and I regret every kobo I spent on it.

  2. Hello Ogohi,

    What sort of problems have you encountered with yours? I have used it for a few months now without issues.

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