BBM on my Android smartphone has stopped working. No messages come or go through. No updates. Nothing. I have restarted the phone a number of

Problem with BBM on Android

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BBM on my Android smartphone has stopped working. No messages come or go through. No updates. Nothing. I have restarted the phone a number of times. No show. My suspicion is that BBM is a RAM hog and perhaps budget Android smartphones with 512MB RAM face this or similar issues. Suspicion. I am counting on users of BBM on budget Android smartphones to give feedback to help uphold or debunk my suspicion.

Please, kindly share your experience with BBM on Android. If you do not know the RAM of your phone, just state the model of the phone, and I will figure it out. Thanks in advance.


  1. After downloading the latest bbm my note 3 with 3gb of ram slowed down so much such am considering going back to my Z10 for bbm functionalities. The new bbm consumed nearly 800mb of ram I tell you. So I dontenvy you at all with your 500mb o

  2. Unless it’s been improved in the latest update, yes, BBM is known to be RAM and data thirsty.. on Android.

    But, even with inadequate RAM, an app /OS should report such, not that it would simply not send /receive messages, without any error messages.

    I would suspect there must be a different reason for this..

  3. Biyi and EyeBeeKay,

    On the SOLO S350 (with 512MB RAM), BBM is not working. It loads and I can navigate around it, but no messages or notifications go through. I have sent a support request to SOLO.

    In the meantime, I find that though nothing else works, I am able to create new posts on my BBM Channel. Wonders!

  4. After the latest update,bbm on my note3 still functions but very slow now. it even affects my typing. Response is very slow when i type messages to send. but its not affecting the entire phone as this doesn’t occur while on other apps like whatsapp. I think blackberry needs to update this BBM to reduce the ram hog.

  5. I find this odd. I updated BBM on my Galaxy Note 10.1 (2GB RAM) and I did not notice a difference in the app or general performance of the device. Curiously an update on my Bold 6 wrecked my device till after a couple of restarts and battery pulls

  6. BBM on my LG Optimus L7 has gone crazy! After updating to version 2.0 I noticed that while typing, my keyboard freezes or the words take a while to display on the screen. There are sometimes when BBM force closes and/or refuses to launch until I restart my device.

    Also, about 70% of the display picture my contacts don’t show up anymore. I uninstalled it and installed it again. Still, the problem persists.

  7. With all this comments I doubt I would download bbm when my android comes. But now that bbm is available for gingerbread users who I believe have lesser RAM… are they gonna survive?

  8. @ Mr Appleton,

    // But now that bbm is available for gingerbread users who I believe have lesser RAM… are they gonna survive?//

    Your guess is as good as mine…

  9. Nuff said..

    BBRY should review this update. I sensed this while I earlier used BBM on an Android device but I figured the update will address this…sad thing it appears not to.

  10. I didn’t noticed any significant change on my phantom a2, even with the latest update, as all seem to be well.

  11. I started experiencing the issue with my bbm for andriod on Samsung S3 but once I connect over wifi my bbm resumes normal service save for bbm channels where I get error messages trying to subscribe to a channel. Once I disconnect from wifi bbm stops working! I using MTN on the S3 & Etisalat for my wifi. Please I like to know how to resolve this issue total without harving to be carrying my wifi all about. Cheers

  12. I used Xperia E Single Sim, and using BBM to communicate with other people coz they use BlackBerry® as their device. I downgrade my OS version into ICS and using customize OS which give me more free RAM when all apps load without BBM turn on is about 220 MB free space (from total 399MB).

    In moring I turn on BBM apps and sudenly the RAM usage is increase and took about 20MB of RAM for BBM in 1st minute and then consume more RAM for just a half day. In the evening i check again BBM process and it already touch 100MB, and causing other apps to failed and make them force to restart (their status is restarting when BBM’s memory usage touch 90-110MB)
    I still don’t know how to prevent that, the only way is stopping the app and then open again.

  13. My bbm on Android not working without wifi connection, I don’t receive messages and my message doesn’t deliver, I use a Samsung galaxy note 2, please help me, I need it to work, thanks.

  14. Since the last update Bbm on my HTC one xl just stopped working, no recent updates not to talk of messages

  15. I have a be android phone with pre-installed bbm on it. My problem is that. Its always showing bbm not responding asking if i should close it these problem is affecting other apps too. Please whats the cause and the solution???

  16. rexently downloaded bbm on my s3mini but its not working at all ts jst showing opening bbm…. updated it but its stil the same

  17. Good day sir! please, I need ur assistance. I downloaded bbm on my Samsung s3 some months ago and it works well on with all networks except mtn. just yesterday, I never knew it wouldn’t work with mtn so I subscribed to the mtn 4.5Gig plan, only to discover that it doesn’t work with my bbm. and my friends use thesame phone and thesame data plan and it works. my subscription works with other applications on my phone except bbm I uninstalled and re-installed, it still never worked. PLEASE, KINDLY HELP ME OUT!

  18. I downloaded it on playstore and I activated the mtn data plan by sending 102 to 131

  19. Please I need your help. I just stopped getting messages on my bbm and wen I installed it again, it just keeps saying opening bbm and stops there…Please do help me out

  20. I have a Samsung S3 and when my phone resetted my bbm only worked when i was on wifi. Previously it was ok but now that i had to download bbm again and it doesnt wanna work without the wifi

  21. Hey, my bis finished like two days ago. When I finally paid yesterday, my bbm didn’t work on my Android. The same problem as @ faith lekean I re installed it and it’s showing opening bbm

  22. my bbm does the same. is your right already. I downloaded it more then 10 times already but it keep show opening bbm

  23. Hy, am using a lenovo phone, i installed bbm on my phone and when i tried opening it, something will juz pop up saying “unfortunately bbm has stopped”.

  24. after reseting my phone factory i noticed some of my app doesnt install again including BBM, Intstagram etc. i even root my phone yet it`s still the same. wen i download from
    google play it tells me -24 error occured during installation. pls how do i rectify this problem? tnks.

  25. Hello, I use a samsung galaxy s4, and u yesterday night, my bbm stopped working. i noticed that my bbm started to show “setting up bbm” like as if i downloaded it for the first time. i restarted my phone, clicked on the bbm icon on my phone, and it kept saying “setting up bbm”. any help?

  26. I hate when people give irrelevant answers ..pls visit….I got my solutions there now I use bbm on my tablet

  27. U need to remove ur email account from your fone. Deactivate it. Then go to settings, den select apps, choose play store and clear all data. Choose play services also n clear all data. Restart your fone. Den add your email account back. It wud. work

  28. Please I need help!! My BBM just stopped working and when I downloaded a new one it now tells me “oops,you need to go to an area where there is network coverage or use a wifi connection” and it wasn’t doing so..Pls help!!!

  29. I suggest you navigate on your phone to Settings>Apps Find the BBM app, clear the app data,uninstall it, then try reinstalling it from Play Store

  30. Ii updated my bbm pn my kindle fire Hd this morning. Ot was working fine until someone sent me a message and Ii tapped on it to reply ; but when Ii tapped on it ;it shuts down with a message saying “BBM has stopped ” !! Please help mee !!

  31. I downloaded bbm on my samsung note 2 GT 7100 … it wd only work in a wifi environment. … n anytime I try to use it it will say move to a better coverage or a wifi environment. .. help!!!!

  32. first, make sure you have connection in data plan and in 3g/hsdpa network (not in gprs or edge), turn of your wifi and switch to data plan, open setting > application > program running > select bbm and kill / force stop it. at least re-open your bbm again

  33. Plz I cant access my bbm on my galaxy duos gt-19082 it keeps on saying * oops move 2 a better netwk coverage or connect 2 a wifi netwk plz what ll I do

  34. I’m experiencing the same problem.
    My BBM works perfectly on Glo network.
    but once I switch to MTN it stops.
    The BBM app keeps loading in the it’s splash screen.

    the problem is MTN network. I suspect they intentionally blocked BBM.

  35. utakandila August 21, 2014

    first, make sure you have connection in data plan and in 3g/hsdpa network (not in gprs or edge), turn of your wifi and switch to data plan, open setting > application > program running > select bbm and kill / force stop it. at least re-open your bbm again

    Thanks.., it’s work.., thanks utakandila

  36. I use an HTC one m8… I recently noticed that my bbm keeps showing connecting on my status bar and I can’t send or receive messages, even though my connection is on 4g lte…… I have tried restarting the phone over 50 times I even uninstalled and reinstalled but still have the same problem
    Someone please advise

  37. @ utakandila August 21, 2014…it didnt work still get the msg ” oops try to move to an area with better network” please am desperately needing help

  38. Pls I have exactly same issues. I use a samsung note 2 and after I changed from glo network to MTN, my bbm won’t work without wifi. What I don’t understand is why it worked with Glo and has stopped working with MTN anf MTN blames my device. It’s mega frustrating. Please if you’ve got a solution, share okay. Thanks a lot

  39. This was what worked for me. I forcentre stopped the app and launched it again. The app can be force stopped by holding down on the notification message that constantly says “BBM Connected”. When you do this, it will show you “App info”. Click on this and it will take you to where you can force stop. After doing this, simply relaunch the App from your device. Mine did start receiving and sending messages after I was done with all these.

  40. My bbm has refused to open. Claims my network is not available but it is. Other apps are working though. I updated just now to the latest version but its still not working. What else can I do?

  41. Anytime I want to save someone else display pictures or on Facebook it say an error occurred while saving the picture pls assist me

  42. I updated my Bbm app but it is not opening… It keeps saying error. I use a Tecno G9 android tab with a RAM of about 555. Tried downloading it again and again but still the same issue

  43. I am using at sony xperia L c2104,bbm app is work on wifi only,
    mobile network not on bbm 2g/3G,
    Pls av u solved fhis issue………

  44. does it mean that people using 2g should switch to 3g or 4g in order for their bbm to work on their andriod phones?

  45. In most cases, they need to do that. Unless if the EDGE network is fast in their area.

  46. I deleted and reinstalled BBM on my tecno w4 but it’s not setting up I keep getting this message “oops move to an area with a better network coverage or try connecting to a Wi-Fi network” av tried different Wi-Fi networks but it’s still the same what can I do please sir

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