PureView Magic: Photo of musician, Bantu, on stage at Freedom Park

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Adegoke Odukoya, AKA Adé Bantu, is a Nigerian-German musician. He was on stage at Freedom Park last night, affording me the opportunity to try out the low-light abilities of the Nokia Lumia 1520. Have a look at this shot taken at 10.38pm:

Bantu at Freedom Park

That rather clear and sharp image is only a crop. I wasn’t that close to him. Here is the whole photograph. If you have the data to handle it, you can click on the photo to load the original 5 megapixel file (870 KB). I have done no touching up whatsoever.

Bantu complete photo

See how far away I was, and yet when the picture is zoomed into, the details are fine and clear? That is the 20 megapixel sampling that the 1520’s PureView camera provides. Yes; a 20 megapixel camera that produces superior 5 megapixel photos. I wager that you won’t find any other 5 (or even 8) megapixel cameraphone with this level of details and clarity in this and other conditions, apart from its sibling, the Lumia 1020. Go ahead, try it with any other phone outside of the Lumia range. If anyone wants a cameraphone shootout, I am game. Holla.

PS: I will be at Freedom Park later today and will do some video recording to demonstrate Rich Recording (there are 4 built-in microphones on this baby). Expect the video.

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