Recommended Budget Smartphone for Christmas 2012 – LG Optimus L5 Dual E615

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LG Optimus L5 E610

It is almost Christmas time again. I thought I would look around and see what value-packed smartphone to recommend for people on a budget who want a Christmas gift for themselves.

The LG Optimus L5 Dual E615 is a superb device that I recommend. There is not one thing that stands it out. It is the sum of what it is. A 4-inch display, dual-SIM capacity, 2.6GB internal storage, microSD slot, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, a 800 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, and a huge 1500 mAh battery. It looks stunning in white too.

By all means, get the white version. People are bound to ask if you’re carrying a Samsung Galaxy S III. Since they don’t know better anyway (if they knew better, they wouldn’t ask), just lie and say, Yes!

The LG Optimus L5 Dual E615 is available in the MOBILITY Store for just N33,000. Free delivery in mainland Lagos. Delivery anywhere else in Nigeria is available for a fee. Order yours now.


  1. Since they don’t know better anyway (if they knew better, they wouldn’t ask), just lie and say, Yes!

    this reminds me of my Catechism Class, centuries ago.

    I guess lying is not one of the Tenth Commandments!

    A cool phone, there! N33k? Incredible! value.

  2. A very good device for what it offers at that price point, especially the internal storage, Camera and ICS.

    @Olumide Egbayelo:

    This is a mouth watering offer..why didn’t I just wait till now *wipes away tears* 512 RAM is big deal compared to my L3 optimus E405

    You can buy the L5 and give out the L3 as a gift but I can’t guarantee you won’t be wiping out tears in a couple of months from now.

    In the Android world, the beautiful ones are not yet born, so you either wait for eternity for them to be born or make a decision now and live with it.

  3. How good is this phone?
    Most of the reviews about this phone are not encouraging. From PCworld:
    ”LG have clearly gone for style over substance, because the 4-inch display seems nice on the surface, but it’s very low resultion for its size at 320 by 480 pixels……. ”

    Mr Mo pls lets have your own review of this phone.

  4. Kay123,

    Some reviewers are just full of horse poo. What was that guy expecting in this price range? It is a budget phone, for cripes’ sake! Take a look at the competition: the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 has same 320 by 480 pixel resolution. Same as the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos I589. The LG Optimus L Dual E615 is value for money for what it packs.

    Idiots ignore price point, ignore every other context and spew out manure all in the name of a review. If he wants a higher resolution display, he should up his budget to N40,000 and above – and get something like the Samsung Galaxy S Duos (480 x 800 pixels). Hissss….

    Apologies to all for my French 🙂

    PS: Unfortunately, unless LG or someone else sends me a unit, I cannot do a review.

  5. LG L5 E615 is the worst budget phone I have ever seen. Very slow and the dual sim is fake.

  6. It is not a dual SIM cos the two SIMS don’t have dual capability. As u use d 1st SIM, d 2nd SIM shows x or no signal. Use 3G on d net and 2nd SIM hangs or shows no signal or android is not responding. This tells u d phone is a fake dual sim. D battery doen’t last for 3 hours with active use and d touch screen’s response is very slow. The viewing angle is very, very poor even for an entry phone. Pls. Visit for wider user opinions and views on this phone. Think twice- don’t mind the fancy design- you are warned !!

  7. @Mister_Mobility unfortunately am leaving my current location today and will not be with the L5 again

  8. am sorry to say, but you LIE when you say battery doesnt last 3 hrs. do you really know 3 hrs? its like 3mins- Lg would have done a recall. What do you mean viewing angle? on a 320 by 480 pixel screen. I swear you dont know what you are talking about. you must have spend all your life reviewing LCDs and LEDs tv screens,for you to speak so. You are not a mobile man and I suspect you a Lg phones Lol

  9. You don’t have knowlege about mobile tech and you are a local writer for u to reply like that. Otherwise tell me what does an IPS display do ? I don’t believe u understand when I said the phone gives a low viewing angle when a true IPS LCD display should give a wide viewing angle. For example if u tilt LG optimus L9 forward downward, sideward and upward, you still get the same screen display quality cos it has an Inplane Switching (IPS) display. So is ZTE v970 and these are all entry or budget phones. So, why not E615 ? Samsung and nokia also produce feature phones with nice viewing angles though they offer AMOLED displays. But mind you, AMOLED displays are also IPS enabled. So they give wide viewing angles. Retina display of the iphone is another good example. And pls. Forget about the low 144 Pixel Density (ppi) of the E615 which is the product of the screen resolution of 320 by 480, with good quality IPS display such as the ones sold in India and other Asian countries like Korea itself, the phone will look better. Lastly, for ur inf. There isn’t any flagship smartphone from samsung, HTC, Nokia and sony that I haven’t owned and tested very well. If you travel around the world, you will meet people that have phones far better than the ones in West Africa even though they have the same brand, model and OS cos the WA standard has been compromised.

  10. I’m interested in purchasing this phone. But i’ll like to be sure on the dual sim thing. Is it really dual sim standby? If i’m browsing on one sim does it affect signal quality on the 2nd sim?

  11. @Femi:

    The phone works as a dual SIM alright. You can be using mobile data for say browsing in one of the SIMs and still be able to receive calls on the other.

    If you think all those Tecno dual SIM phones are good enough in terms of dual SIM function, then this phone is good too. Again there have been comments complaining how slow this phone is. If you try this phone in a shop, you may get the wrong impression that the phone is very slow because the attendants may have left the phone on power saving mode setting which reduces everything to a crawl. If you toggle the power saving mode to off, you will suddenly feel you are using an entirely different phone. It is a very good one in my opinion.

    And finally, you will have to explicitly select the SIM you want to use for mobile data in settings while you can toggle either of the SIM on the fly for calls and SMS needs. If course, you can always change the default SIM for mobile data at any time from settings.

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