Repent! The end is nigh: Apple Music comes to Android

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There is no other explanation for an occurrence like this. It is a sign of the end times. We all hailed BlackBerry for pushing BBM cross-platform. Then we marvelled when Microsoft began to push its services to Android and iOS. Now, even Apple has done the unthinkable – its music service is now available on Android OS.

Apple Music for Android

The app is in beta, but you get to try it out for 3 months before having to pay. What have you got to lose, Android audiophiles?

Forget anything else your pastor has preached about the end. This is the only sign that you need. You all need to repent and be converted, for the end is upon us.


  1. Wow.

    I guess their decision is motivated by profit.

    They walk milk some profit out of android ecosystem.

    Talking of diversification.

    Maybe Iphone might soon be making android phone. Anything is possible

  2. I Just signed up. for months i have been waiting on google play music to reach Nigeria….they keep giving an excuse of trying to sort out rights….well i hope they keep trying to sort out rights issue.

  3. With Apple the driving principle is get the money and if invading Androidland guarantees the profit then why the heck not,all is fair in love and war..

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