Expect Portable Displays for smartphones from Samsung and LG this year

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With the continuous advancement in smartphone functions, smartphones have become increasingly more powerful and functional, having the ability to perform a number of different functions even on the go. However, one limiting factor for most smartphones presently is a perceived lack of adequate display in terms of screen size.


With phones able to perform a myriad of functions, ranging from document editing to image editing, having a larger display to work with can benefit phone users and also improve their user experience. This is something LG and Samsung are working to improve, with reports of portable displays for smartphones in the works.

Smartphone external/portable display by Samsung

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What Is A Portable Display?

In the PC world, a portable monitor is an external display that can be quickly and easily plugged into a laptop or PC using a USB cable, giving the user more room to work with. A portable display for smartphones does the same thing – it is an external monitor that can be plugged into a smartphone so the user has a bigger screen to work on.

Porting Portable Monitors From PC to Smartphones

With PC brands like ASUS and HP also offering external monitors for laptops, this idea by LG and Samsung is not totally unheard of. The portable displays are said to be lightweight in design and come with the option of Bluetooth or wired connection. They will also feature built-in batteries, which is different from ASUS and HP displays that require external power to power the screens.

Although there are no certainties around the devices yet, Samsung’s version of the portable display is expected to be named the “DexBook”. It may come with a 10,000mAh battery and is expected to weigh barely one kilogram. LG’s device will likely be called the “Cloud Top”, it is expected to have a 5,000mAh battery and weigh a lot less than the Samsung display, weighing around 600 grams.

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It is expected that both displays will have a 14.1-inch FullHD resolution panel, with a pricing range between $340 and $420. Reports suggest that the portable display devices will be launched in the second quarter of 2020.


It will be interesting to see how LG and Samsung will pitch such an idea, as in an age where everyone wants to go smaller, carrying a 14.1-inch display around may not be particularly appealing or convenient for smartphone users.


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