Across the world, Nokia adopted a strategy that has worked so well for them in the past and is still working up to some extent.

Samsung And The Nokia Strategy

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Across the world, Nokia adopted a strategy that has worked so well for them in the past and is still working up to some extent.

The strategy is very simple,create a phone and then split it into different variants with certain features removes. A classic example of this is the Nokia 5800 split into two different phones namely the 5230 and the 5530.

The Nokia 5230 features the same screen size of 3.2 inches that is on the 5800 and has 3G connectivity while the Nokia 5530 features a 2.8 inches screen with XpressMusic branding and WiFi.

Even on lower end phones like the Nokia C1 and C2. The main difference between the two is that the C1 is a single SIM phone while C2 is a dual SIM phone.

Samsung on the other hand seems to have widely fine-tuned and adopted the strategy across their whole mobile product line and across the different operating systems that they support.

A very good example of this is their Galaxy line of phone and tablets. Do you want a 4 inch mobile? Get a Galaxy S. Is it a 3.5 inch display that you fancy? Get a Galaxy Ace. For 3.2 inches, you can get the Galaxy Gio.

If you want to get a tablet, you are offered different choices too with Samsung making a tablet for practically anybody that wants to get a tablet.

You can either get a 10.1 inch version, a 8.9 inch version or a 7.7 or 7 inch version, should you want a tablet of more compact size.

Even when you look at lower end Samsung phones like the Chat series, there is the the Ch@t 222 and Ch@t 322 with one of the major differences been the optical trackpad.


On the Operating System level, Samsung has various operating systems running on their wide array of phones. These include: Android, Windows Phone 7, Bada and TiZen.

Last year, Samsung shipped a total of 300 Million devices which goes to prove that they may finally overtake Nokia this year as the number one handset maker in the world, thanks to their versatility in production and distribution.


  1. Diversity in hardware (screen size)

    Variety of Operating systems.

    Diametrically opposed to the Apple biz model, but seeming to work even better.

    KUDOS (and kudi) to these Koreans…..

  2. Concerning the Nokia 5800, i think the entire line of clones is:

    In the Samsung Galaxy range, the great variety in scree sizes is unprecedented and remarkable.

    Some of the available screen sizes are:


    I have a feeling something is missing…

  3. Yes the strategy seems to be working so well for Samsung. In terms of profit though, there is no way of comparing them with Apple. Apple has the iOS ecosystem that guarantees a constant stream of income so long as people still watch movies, buy audio media files, read ebook, and even some other services.

    For Samsung, once the device is shipped, there is little or no income coming their except maybe from Bada devices.

  4. I respect and appreciate Nokia for the cheap choices available, if not for Nokia most people in the developing countries will be using China phones.

    As for Samsung, I quite love their model its like telling a customer that, we have all sizes just pick one that suits you. And we all know that the Galaxy range has really been selling worldwide.

    Samsung is doing quite well, the expectation for the Galaxy SIII is so huge that its the most important thing most people want to know at MWC. Another thing helping Samsung is the fact that they have been the one releasing the Nexus for 2 times now and most people coming from iOS prefer to choose a Nexus (Invariably choosing Samsung) because they believe pure Android is saver.

    I see Samsung winning the Smartphone race but as for Tablets, Not even close at all. The iPad is quite feeling and once iPad 3 comes out and the price of iPad1 and 2 goes further down, it will be hell of a trouble for other Tablets because iPad1&2 are still quite very usable.

  5. +Harry, +1 to you for your comment. Apple knows how to make more money. If I were looking to buy a share, I won’t go Samsung or Nokia at this moment. I will get more return from the Apple guys.

    There’s something about their model; they are ruthless. Capitalist to the bone.

  6. apple’s business’s is unquestionable. At this point, i dont think they are even interested in being the no phone manufacturer in the world. They are already the company with the largest cash ($100billion) in the bank. And they still have new product lines in the pipeline for this year, e.g TVs.
    However, i am so happy samsung took the bold step to challeng competitors like apple. If not,we wouldnt have had all those juicy varieties. Thanks samsung.

  7. @olusheenor, will you consider a $700 phone cheap? on the average, I don’t think so. When people say Samsung is cheap I marvel. It may be less expensive conspired to iPhone,but it ain’t cheap.

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