Samsung bundles Zain Mobile Internet Service with Omnia handsets

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Browsing through the Monday January 18, 2010 issue of The Punch, I came across this promo advert for the Samsung OMNIAlite B7300 and Samsung OMNIApro B7320.

Samsung Introducing enLITEn: A unique handset internet bundle service in Nigeria

Buy the Samsung OMNIAlite B7300 or Samsung OMNIApro B7320 and get FREE 12 months internet access on the Zain Lite Plan featuring 1.2GB Data Allowance and 360 days validity.

Get the Samsung OMNIApro B7320 (shown below) for N49,999.00
samsung b7320

Or get the Samsung OMNIAlite B7300 (shown below) for N59,999.00.
samsung omnia lite

This offer is available at all Zain shops and selected Samsung Distributor Shops nationwide.

My View of the Promo
zain1I have never been a fan of buying mobile phones that are linked to mobile operators. My last experience at the CarPhoneWareHouse in September 2007 left me with a phone that was locked to the network, had a few accessories missing from the package (cost-cutting tactics, I was later on told) and had to replace it once because it was faulty and thereafter the phone decided to give me problems with Nigerian networks despite having the same frequency.

As a cheap skate and one who is always paranoid of being ripped off, I have to say that this promo is a JOKE because getting the Samsung OMNIApro B7320 from a trusted Samsung dealer will set you back N36, 500 which is clearly N13,500 less than Zain’s offer price!

This past post shows evidence of that: Samsung B7320 smartphone for sale.

It is like paying N13,500 for internet service of 1.2GB Data Allowance and 360 days validity which has been proven to be unreliable in most quarters.

Just my two cents anyway. For all interested parties, simply visit your nearest Zain shops. As always GSM Arena has got the full specs for the Samsung OMNIAlite B7300 and Samsung OMNIApro B7320.

You can also read a MobilityNigeria review of one of these phones Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO review – Efficient Workhorse.


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  1. Anyone who has bought into this “bundle” shouldn’t just feel bad……He/She should feel conned!!

    This is laughable. This is bad publicity for both Samsung in Nigeria and Zain.

    *snaps fingers on both hands* Tufiakwa!

  2. Even if the phones are not locked to Zain’s network and their internet connection is stable, it will still be a bad bargain given that one can buy equivalent bandwidth in 12 installments with their 1000 naira 30 days monthly data plan. But in this case you will be paying upfront.
    There is absolutely no incentive with this offer.

  3. @Dayann & archie: Drama! ROFLMAO.
    @Harryechemco: Thanks for pointing out that one can buy equivalent bandwidth in 12 installments with their 1000 naira 30 days monthly data plan. It didn’t even cross my mind to check their tariffs.

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