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Samsung Has A Clamshell Foldable Phone To Be Announced In February

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Samsung is set to unveil a foldable flip phone which is to be released on the 11th of February 2020. The yet-to-be-released Samsung foldable clamshell phone, which is likely to be named the Galaxy Z Flip may be the first to get a bendable glass screen.

The glass screen to be employed for this phone has to be one that is extremely thin enough to enable it bend without breaking, while also being strong enough to actually guard the electronic display. Certain possible options have come up from an ultra-thin glass about the thickness of the human hair to a foldable glass made out of diamond crystal.

Galaxy Z Flip is a Samsung foldable clamshell

Galaxy Z Flip is a Samsung foldable clamshell

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is expected to have a more compact size than the Samsung Galaxy Fold of 2019 and is set to rival the Motorola Razr that was announced in November 2019. The Samsung Galaxy Flip could come with a 6.7-inch screen, which is considerably smaller than the Galaxy Fold that had a 7.3-inch screen.

There are fears from certain quarters that the crease which tainted the design of the Galaxy Fold could make an appearance with the new Galaxy Flip. The crease was seen as one of the big imperfections to the Galaxy Fold, but if rumors are anything to go by, a bendable glass screen would be employed for the display and expectedly, the display should be better than the Galaxy Fold.

The new Samsung foldable clamshell smartphone is expected to debut on the 11th of February at the Unpacked event alongside the S20 series and Samsung lovers are definitely counting the weeks and days to the 11th of February.



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