Both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the BlackBerry Q10 are currently available in the country on pre-order. The Samsung goes for N108,000, and the BlackBerry

Samsung Galaxy S4 at N108,000 or BlackBerry Q10 at N110,000?

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Both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the BlackBerry Q10 are currently available in the country on pre-order. The Samsung goes for N108,000, and the BlackBerry for N110,000, which I find odd. Personally, I was expecting the Q10 to be significantly cheaper than that. That led me to asking myself, Why would I pay more for the Q10 than I would pay for the S4? What does the BlackBerry Q10 offer that would sway me to pick it up at that higher price? The hardware keyboard?

I am a die-hard QWERTY user, but at that price range, I am very sure that the Galaxy S4 will be my choice under these conditions. But then, that’s just me. Can I ask you – given the options of the Galaxy S4 at N108,000 and the BlackBerry Q10 at N110,000, which is your choice?


  1. I’ll choose raw functionality over simplicity and customization over absolute user-friendliness… The Samsung galaxy S4 makes so much meaning anyday

  2. Would still go for the Galaxy S4. The Q10 simply has nothing that would sway me from the S4. And then there’s no traditional BIS on that, so?

  3. Definitely, the easy, sensible choice is Galaxy S4. It’s incongruous for BB to price BB Q10 even higher than their own BB10 touchscreen which costs N100,000 only. Why would the BB-crazy Nigerians splurge N110,000 on BB Q10 when they can pick up and enjoy a Bold 5 for much less?

  4. Good news for prospective Galaxy S4 owners in Africa! I just came across this cheering news about Galaxy S4:

    “Samsung announced on Thursday that those buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Namibia, Zambia, Mauritius, Uganda, Cote d’Ivorie, Angola, Botswana and Mozambique will automatically get an accidental damage warranty added for free to their 24 month standard factory warranty. The accidental damage warranty includes coverage for damaged screens and liquid damage.

    Buyers of the new Android flagship model will need to register their phone through the e-Warranty service on the Samsung website. If the phone is damaged, the user takes the phone over to the nearest Samsung Service Center where the screen or board will be replaced for free with no incident charge owed. The warranty will be good for two incidents over the 24 month period of the warranty.”

    And to think I spent N50,000 replacing my former Galaxy Note’s broken screen last year!

  5. The BB10 is an unproven platform for a start and the direction the new BB platform is headed is were Android holds sway and Samsung is the king of the Android platform so, i will choose the Samsung Galaxy S4 over any of the BB10 on offer presently. Again, the two BB10 devices cannot compete with the Galaxy S4 feature by feature. The S4 is so much better in many areas and the previous devices in the series have not been disappointing so, it is S4 all the way.

  6. Why would the BB- crazy Nigerians splurge N110,000 on BB Q10 when they can pick up and enjoy a Bold 5 for much less?
    They would get it for status symbol just like what most people who purchase ipad and iphones do. Lets face it people will still by the Q10 but it will be for just two reasons. 1. It has qwetry. 2. It cost more than other smart phones. I believe its mostly females who will by this phone, and the money would mostly come sugar daddies. S4 makes more economic and functional sense so i would go for S4.

  7. This is sad news.
    I need the Q10 more than the SGS4. But, if I had to pick one now, I would pick the SGS4 because it offers a lot more functionality than the Q10.
    I hope Blackberry reviews their pricing and reduces the Q10’s price to a level that would make it appeal to the Nigerian market. They need to sell very well in their African markets if they want to survive and make profits.
    As it is, I’m just gonna wait for several weeks until the Q10 drops below N100,000

  8. I’d buy neither of these 2 phones. I’m a huge BlackBerry fan, but I think they’ve let themselves down with the pricing of their new phones. As for S4 it’s not hugely superior to the S3, so why splash that much cash on it, when you can buy S3 for far,far less.

  9. Most definitely Samsung galaxy s4 which will be a good upgrade from galaxy s2.give me bb q10 for free i wont bulge nor fall for it. can no longer adjust to small screen phone from where am coming.Touchscreen is it for me.

  10. I wonder if anyone from BlackBerry is reading all these responses here….it only points in one direction… price review

  11. The new Blackberry Q10 is priced appropriately in my opinion. The Q10 & Z10 are flagship phones launching the new Blackberry 10 operating system. They are not meant for budget conscious people in mind. If you want cheap, go get a curve or bold series. Their prices should have reduced by now. The Iphone 5 launched September 2012 is still selling at N114,999 on Crackberry & other sites had reported earlier that the Q10 was going to be a little more expensive than the Z10 owing to different manufacturing costs. The Q10 is selling like hotcakes in the UK now. Am sure Nigerians will still buy the Q10 no matter the price. Android phones are usually less expenive but not anyone wants an android phone.

  12. sadly, I still need to get the Q10. not for myself, but as an exquisite gift. overpriced toy! God dey sha!

  13. If you are truly a QWERTY lover like myself you cant easily give up a 2013 QWERTY keypad smartphone for the S4 just bcos of 2k.
    Think am well naa. if your basis for compromise was the S4 and BB Porsche then I will go with you straight to S4 but the Q10 is a GO if you are really and trully a QWERTY Keypad Lover.

  14. well price aside,when u check d specifications,functionality n applications of both phones then u will kno that S4 speaks for u,ur personality n calibre.Also checking d benefit aside frm qwety keypad,BBQ10 will only attract u cos of BBM but S4 is jst anoda new progress in smartphone technology,so we need 2 accept change inoda 2 excell in life.

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