Samsung trims down TouchWiz, pre-installs Microsoft apps?

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Samsung Touchwiz

Sammobile reports that TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy 6 will be stripped of “all pre-installed Samsung apps” like S Voice, S Health, S Note and Scrapbook. The apps will supposedly be made available in the Galaxy Apps store. TouchWiz is Samsung’s custom graphical user interface layer over stock Android on their mobile devices.

In addition, SamMobile reports that based on the recent settlement between Samsung and Microsoft, the Galaxy S6 “will come with apps like Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile (with a free Office 365 subscription), and Skype”.

Critics of TouchWiz will be happy at the news that Samsung’s bloatware will be finally gone. This should translate to a speedier, niftier user experience on Samsung’s smartphones. Still, this isn’t confirmed news yet; just rumour.

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  1. good move, TouchWiz has way too much bloatware. while the Microsoft apps will be a nice addition especially for the productivity oriented, if they are not user uninstallable it’s just another example of bloatware. also no mention of Samsung’s other apps like their calendar, camera, Samsung Link, ChatOn, Milk etc.

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