Samsung wants Galaxy S III users to upgrade to the Galaxy S5

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Last week, Samsung released a video ad describing iPhone users as “wall-huggers” and urging them to upgrade to the Samsung flagship phone for better battery life.

However, Samsung was at it again as they released a few new video ads via its YouTube channel, this time around trying to convince Galaxy S III users to upgrade to the Galaxy S5. The ads were mostly targeted at Galaxy S III users in the US, as most of them are about to renew their contract agreements.

The videos seem a bit boring, as Samsung just went about stating the obvious. Most of us already know how the S5 is dust and water resistant, how it has a faster processor, a better screen, and a better camera. Still, they would be informative for those who didn’t know much about the Galaxy S5.

Here’s one the the video ads or you can just click Samsung’s YouTube channel to watch all three videos.


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