• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

SanDisk releases 200 GB MicroSD cards, already selling on Amazon

Sometime around March, we made mention that SanDisk is set to release a 200 GB microSD card. These cards where said to carry amazing transfer speeds of  90 MB/s, this translates to the ability to move up to 1,200 photos per minute.


As at time of it’s announcement, the recommended retail price was set at $399, but in what appears to be a deal, Amazon has just started selling it at a lesser price of $240. Remember that these microSD cards are said to be waterproof, temperature proof, shock proof, X-ray proof, and magnet proof.

Purchase it from Amazon HERE


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Etoniru Chibueze

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3 thoughts on “SanDisk releases 200 GB MicroSD cards, already selling on Amazon”
  1. Forget the price, when the 64GB are stable and not crashing and losing info I will consider the upgrade. But, apart from on my PC, I can’t see the need for a 200GB MicroSD card. I’d rather get a USB flash drive to do the same.

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