Say hello to Freewrite : The world’s first smart typewriter

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In this era of smart devices, it is encouraging to see a group of people come up with the worlds first smart typewriter. Say hello to Freewrite!! Sharing similar design with the regular typewriter, this one has a screen where all text is displayed. It also bears the regular mechanical keyboards we know typewriters for.Freewrite

What’s smart here?

This device has Wifi, for syncing with the cloud. All typing can easily be saved or restored, added to the option of saving to cloud storage facilities like Dropbox, Evernote, etc. Freewrite has an internal storage that can take up to 1 million pages, it also supports a host of international languages.

Depending on how it’s used, Freewrite can last 4 weeks after full charge. Quite cool if you ask me. This is truly ideal for writers as it offers a distraction free experience, coupled with the simplicity of a typewriter. It’s up for orders starting at $449.



  1. At $449. these guys have a dream, like Martin Luther King.

    Are they high on something? what exactly can this do that a 100 dollar smartphone cannot and much better?

  2. The price is a turn off but still yet tech afficionados won’t mind.

    For the cherished experience, all price is fair

  3. $449 for a “typewriter”? It looks like a keyboard but not a typewriter, and a ridiculously overpriced one at that.

    You could probably buy a phone, Bluetooth keyboard and pretty much do a similar thing via a myriad of apps and it would be cheaper.

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