See how the Android Mazar malware can wipe your phone in minutes

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

The malware craze on Android seem not to be going away any sooner. In a recent discovery, Danish security company, Heimdal, has detected another Android malware. This one is called Mazar. Mostly spread through SMS, Mazar can be haughty and its effects devastating.

On an infected device, Mazar can gain administrator rights. With this it can wipe your phone, make calls and read your texts. As if that wasn’t enough, attackers can secretly monitor the device and manipulate your personal data as they please. Escalated phone bills is another thing to expect with this virus.

According to BBC reports , Here are a few other facts about the Mazar Android malware:

  • The virus doesn’t affect devices that have Russian set as default langueage. Funny right? 😆
  • The malware can wreak havoc when you have allowed application install from unknown sources.
  • So far the effects have been noticed only in Denmark, chances are, it hasn’t found its way in Africa or Nigeria.
  • Older versions of Android can still be affected.

How can we keep safe?

Never click on web links in text messages from unfamiliar phone numbers. One should also be cautious even if the links came from known contacts. As always advised, we should always endeavor to get our apps from Google Play Store.


  1. That Russian immunity is very funny and strange.

    Kinda make them the prime suspect in this newly cooked up virus

  2. As always,a little care and common sense application will go a long way in safeguarding and protecting us from malicious contents,never click on suspicious links and be careful what you download..

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