We are living in a digital age where social media is becoming the go-to platform for online sales. Gone are the days of going to brick and…

How To Sell Anything Successfully On Social Media

We are living in a digital age where social media is becoming the go-to platform for online sales. Gone are the days of going to brick and mortar stores to do your shopping. These days, you can buy anything at any time, from practically anywhere in the world. If you are not marketing your shop on social media, you are missing a huge market for sales.


Here are some ways to successfully sell anything on social media:

Brand yourself

With so many products out there for sale in the digital worlds, it’s important that you make yourself, and your products stand out.


When people think of you, what immediately comes to mind? Is it coffee, wine, your dog, the colour pink? Use these items in your posts to make yourself relatable and approachable. When selling on social media, you’re selling more than just a product, you are selling yourself as well.

Get professional help

If you are new to social media, or new to online sales, considering getting help from a marketing expert to ensure you are putting your best self forward.


An expert will help you with branding, content, and postings. A few dollars now to get help, can save you a large headache in the future.

Be consistent

Have you ever seen something on Facebook, liked the page and never heard from the poster again? Don’t let this happen to your customers; be consistent with your postings, a couple of posts per day are all that is required. It’s easy now as there are many apps that allow you to schedule your posts to never miss a customer.

Be purposeful

The whole idea behind social media is to expand your reach beyond your usual customers. In order to do this, you have to get your customers working for you, without them knowing. Use purposeful content to gain reach.

Ask questions that will spark a discussion with your followers, use polls to allow your followers to vote on their favourite products.

By doing this, each time your content is liked or commented on, it appears in the newsfeeds of the liker or commenters posts, allowing your content to extend its reach and find new followers.
Use a dedicated page.

When selling on social media, ensure you are using a dedicated page for such posts. Instead of posting on your personal page, which will limit your reach, a dedicated, public business page is a better place to showcase your business.

Not only does a dedicated page look more professional and serious, it also allows your friends and family to share your posts to their own pages to help you gain more customers.

Social media need not be a scary, new adventure. With a few key posts and a bit of personality, you can find yourself selling your content online.


If you have questions, consult an expert and get some help so that you too can be successful.

Remember, everything you share has the ability to reach not only your followers but also their friends and family, which can help extend your customer base.

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