I had a chat with a friend yesterday afternoon. During the course of our discussions, she asked if it was true that one needed a

Share your mobile internet plan with Blackberry PlayBook via Bluetooth or Wi-fi

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PlayBook-Galaxy S II
I had a chat with a friend yesterday afternoon. During the course of our discussions, she asked if it was true that one needed a BlackBerry in order to use the PlayBook tablet. She narrated how almost everyone that she had spoken with about the PlayBook responded that a BlackBerry smartphone is absolutely required to use the PlayBook.

It is simply amazing the level of ignorance and misinformation that is peddled by people. I keep telling people to be careful who they listen to. Many times, people who talk are just full of bird poo. It is not true that the PlayBook requires a BlackBerry smartphone for use. Actually, in terms of connectivity with other mobiles, the PlayBook is the most open tablet that I know of.

Internet via Wi-fi
The PlayBook has wi-fi functionality, meaning that you can use it at hotspots – even mobile hotspots that you create on your mobile. It is a bit choosy in what kind of hotspot it connects to for initial setup, but once setup, it is more accommodating.

Internet via Bluetooth
You can share any regular data plan on any smartphone with your PlayBook via Bluetooth. Did you get that? If your smartphone does not have a wi-fi hotspot (or the wi-fi hotspot empties your battery too fast), you can use Bluetooth instead to share your mobile internet with the PlayBook. This works for smartphones by other manufacturers too.

This feature is not common on other tablets.

BlackBerry Bridge
Blackberry Bridge lets you connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can use your Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) and access your BlackBerry smartphone’s files and services on your PlayBook. See my review of BlackBerry Bridge.

The PlayBook does NOT require a BlackBerry smartphone to be used. You can use it as a standalone tablet, or with any other phone. Of course, you can also use it with a BlackBerry smartphone to take advantage of Bridge features.

Minus quantity of apps (an area which the iPad and Android tablets have greater advantage), the PlayBook is the most versatile tablet in the market and beats the competition on most other fronts.

  1. I think it comes down to the language of technology. The people who use their Playbook to bridge with their phone probably don’t realise you can access the net without a Blackberry, perhaps because they got it as an extension of their phones? Just wondering.

  2. I think why people say you need a BB Smartphone in order to use the Playbook is because you need the smartphone to access BIS. You can’t directly get BIS services on it and you can’t directly get bbm on it without the Blackberry Bridge. These are services people using blackberry are used to, so they get disappointed when they buy Playbook and these things are not there out of the box.

    People want to be able carry over what they do on a BB not realizing that the aim and design may be somewhat different. They compare Playbook with iPad where what you do on iPhone gets carried over almost 100%.

  3. Didn’t know about the Bluetooth internet sharing on the PB, that’s good.

    The PB is much better with the new update, some people have not updated their devices.

    Coincidentally, I had these discussion with a friend today and had to explain to him that the PB can perform very well without a BB.

    But the fact that you cant use BIS on it separately is a great challenge for some people

  4. I think it is better in every way to use your Playbook with a Blackberry phone other options seems to be alternatives.

  5. @Mister mobility. Is it possible to use joikuspot on a Nokia phone with playbook?

  6. Pharmtasy,

    I haven’t tried using JoikuSpot as a hotspot with the PlayBook yet. I will give that a try sometime on Monday and get back to you please.

    Just in case you do not hear from me, a reminder will be appreciated. Cheers.

  7. Speaking of apps, one can now load in Andy-randy apps (Android) into the playbook v2.0, me think its also called side loading like in the kindle fire but unlike the kindle, PB has better connectivity; bluetooth, memory expansion ability etc etc. I just wish it has a sim slot….

    If wishes were pigs….

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