A vlog is short for video blog. This goal of this post is to help you identify a few vital things that you need to

How to shoot a vlog with your smartphone

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A vlog is short for video blog. This goal of this post is to help you identify a few vital things that you need to produce good quality video for uploading using a smartphone. The most important item is the recording equipment – the smartphone. If you don’t get this right, your videos will come in crappy. As such, I present a number of tips about what features to look for in a smartphone that you want to use for good quality video recording.

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Tips to shoot a vlog with your smartphone

1. Get a top line smartphone with a video camera rated at a minimum of 1920 x 1080p at 30 fps. If the camera has 4k video recording, that’s even better. Don’t worry about the jargon, but look for it. Any smartphone camera with less figures for video recording won’t do.

2. If possible, get a smartphone with digital video stabilisation. If you are using an amateur cameraman for the recording, this feature means the video he or she records doesn’t come out shaky.

3. It is one thing for video quality to be good. It is another for the audio quality of the video to be good. What is the point of a great looking video if your voice is not clear? Make sure your smartphone has rich audio recording. A smartphone with multiple microphones placed strategically is what you are looking for.

4. You need a quiet environment. You already knew this; right?

5. You need good lighting. If natural lighting is bad, use electrical lighting. Use the flash light on your smartphone during the video recording to light up your face. Keep glaring lights away from the sides or behind you during recording.

6. Keep the cameraphone close. Don’t keep a distance of more than 1 metre between you and the recording smartphone. This is to ensure that your voice is captured well. It always better to keep close than to raise your voice.

7. You can do video editing on your smartphone – trim, join clips, add captions, add background music, add credits, etc. There are great apps for this now and your smartphone can do some really powerful video editing. Search your app store. I will publish a follow-up post detailing out a few apps that I have used, so stay with MobilityArena.com.

8. You can even upload to YouTube right from your smartphone. Install the YouTube app or any of the tons of 3rd party YouTube apps that let you do that.

9. Lastly, before you start your video recording with a smartphone, don’t forget to put the device in Flight Mode. That turns off all radio communications – calls, data, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. This is to avoid an incoming connection breaking up what promises to be a great video!

Recommended Video Recording Smartphones

As a rule, any of the top line of smartphone will do the job e.g. Lumia 950/930/830, Galaxy S8/S6, iPhone 6s/6, and other top-grade flagships from other brands. Get one of these and you are in good stead. of course, you can shoot your videos with any smartphone that you have in your hands, but if you want the best possible results, the mentioned range of devices is where to invest.

My Personal Preference

The top line Lumias are my preference. They come with three to four directional microphones with surround sound for really great audio recording. They also combine this with Rich Recording. Lumias capture great video and distortion-free audio to go with them. Here at MobilityArena.com, every time one smartphone or the other has failed in one area or the other for video recording, Lumias have always saved the day. They are really amazing and the best at this video thing as far as we can tell.

Wait! How do you pronounce vlog – vlog or veelog? There is an ongoing argument here at MobilityArena about that. Tehehehe.

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