Siemens M55: the phone in X-man or Iron Man suit?

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Siemens M55

The Siemens M55 is one of the most fun-looking mobile phones ever. It was small and light – and looked very futuristic. The M55 was announced in 2003, and right from the first moment that I set my eyes on it, I knew I had to own one, and I did. The keyboard had a very strong and pleasant tactile feel and was fun for typing. The M55 was a GPRS-enabled phone with a WAP 1.2.1 browser and a CSTN 4096-colour display.

I also remember that I had it around the time that Glo was test-running its GPRS network and I did all my internet-related tasks – email, web browsing and MMS – free of charge during that time. The network was active but not yet launched. MMS was new on the block then too, and I remember exchanging tons of such messages on the M55. I got the configuration settings and just had a blast. Ah! I have been young once. Glo later officially launched GPRS-based services in August 2004.

While there was a dull grey colour version, the white and orange version, similar to Iron Man’s suit, was the most striking and was the one I had. The Siemens M55 is unforgettable.

Siemens M55 grey orange

PS: In comic book world, the M55 would suffer from identity crisis. While the suit paints a picture of Iron Man, is that an X at the top of the phone in the earpiece area? Is the M55 Iron Man or an X-man?


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