Skype call recording: All you need to know about call recording in Skype

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At last call recording in Skype is available for all who need the feature. Skype call recording will be found useful by business teams that require records of meetings, as well as friends and families looking to store beautiful moments.

As you may know, I am concerned about privacy and legal issues around call recording. While myself and others have kicked against it (I was excited about Google blocking call recording in Android 9 Pie), some have opined that some sort of notification alerting the other party/parties about the call recording should be implemented. And this is what Skype has done.

In statement released, Skype said “As soon as you start recording, everyone in the call is notified that the call is being recorded, so there are no surprises. If you are on a video call, Skype will record everyone’s video as well as any screens shared during the call.”

This is great for your privacy. There is no fear of anyone secret recording your conversation.

How Skype Call Recording Works

For Desktop, Click on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen and then click on “Start recording”. For call recording on mobile, click on the plus icon, then tap the record button to start recording.

A banner appears on both mobile and Desktop on the devices of the screen to show that recording is on.

After the call is recorded, it is automatically sent to your chat where you can either save or share to any of your contacts.

To save a recording, click and hold, then select “Save as” to navigate to any folder of your choice. To share a recording, all you have to do is click and hold the recording, tap “Forward”, and then you can share to your loved ones.

Skype call recording - call recording in Skype

Call Recording In Skype

Call recording in Skype is available on all platforms, including Android OS, iOS, and Windows 10. Make sure you are running the latest version of your Skype app.

Now, you can record your Skype calls ethically and also not have to worry about your conversations being recorded without your consent. If you are not comfortable with a call being recorded by the other party, you can just end it.

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