So, you are looking forward to buying your next smartphone in 2017 or perhaps, you just want to get informed? Awesome and welcome on board!

5 Factors For Making a smartphone Decision in 2017

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So, you are looking forward to buying your next smartphone in 2017 or perhaps, you just want to get informed? Awesome and welcome on board! In other to maximise your purchase, guest contributor, Samuel Adeniyi, shares 5 factors to consider in making a smartphone decision.

Over the years, smartphones have proven to be an essential part of our daily lives. Research has shown that over 75% of internet searches are conducted using smart phones. Yet, not everyone has actually enjoyed their smartphone experience. This is often as a result of wrong decisions when making a smartphone decision.

The whole idea is that you end up with a smartphone that is right for you, and not just any Smartphone. In order to achieve that, here are 5 factors to look out for.

Factors That Should Affect Your Smartphone Decision In 2017

Five Factors For Making A Smartphone Decision

1. Specifications

Frankly, many subscribers do not understand what smartphone specifications are about. Many times, their choosing a smartphone is based on what someone has said about one phone or the other.

Ask many users about the camera specs or battery capacity of the phone they are using. They often have no idea. This is why complaints of their smartphone memory getting filled up with little apps installed or too much lagging while conducting ‘basic’ functionalities are rife.

But really, what do you expect from a smartphone running 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage capacity in 2017? Seriously!

The fact that a phone works properly for someone doesn’t mean it will work well for you. Different people have different needs. For some, it’s all about the camera. For others, it could be gaming. And for a gamer, 1 GB RAM in 2017 should even be a NO, No.

The point is, you need to pay attention to phone specifications. If you do not understand phone specs, reach out to a friend who is enthusiastic about phones. Or perhaps, reach out to tech bloggers. We are here for you.

2. Design

That a smartphone packs a 6000 mAh battery doesn’t mean you want to be caught with an ugly looking device. At least, that is true for many people.

Personally, design is as important as specs. We want to proudly hold that device in our hands and perhaps, show it off. It is a smart ‘phone’ and not a land-line. So yes, design should be put into consideration when making your next Smartphone decision.

In 2017, a smartphone with a plastic design is a No, No, if you can afford better. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone. But really, you cannot compare the premium feel a metallic design gives to a plastic design. The latter doesn’t exactly do it for me in 2017.

3. Durability

Think about this for a second. What does it profit a user to buy a phone with really cool specs and really cool design but cannot survive a minor fall to the floor?

In 2017, durability is also Key. Very essential, I should add. You wouldn’t want to be a regular at your phone technician’s office simply because you have slippery palms.

Most OEMs operating in Nigeria do have warranty attached to their products. Some of these are offered for free. If you are wondering how you would know if a smartphone is durable, check out video reviews by your favourite tech blog.

4. Availability Of Parts

This is also prominent. Mistakes as you know, are bound to happen. I understand that’s why there is a warranty. Correct! But what if you’ve surpassed the warranty period? What happens if your smartphone’s screen breaks? Do you throw away the phone? You get the point I am arriving at, yeah? You are better off buying a smartphone whose spare parts are available in the market.

5. Price

Not everyone is blessed enough to be able to afford the phone of their dreams. Price is a major determinant in today’s market. The phones with the best specs, best designs, best durability, and easiest availability of parts tend to command very high price tags. Hello Samsung!

However, thanks to OEMs operating in the Nigerian market – OEMs like of Infinix, TECNO Gionee, etc – you can get a fair share of specs, design, durability, easy access to parts without having to break the bank. The experience on both set of Smartphone’s shouldn’t be compared. They are on two different levels. Same as the price variations. However, you can subsidize with these prices by utilizing vouchers at various online portals.

So, there you have it guys. Although there are more factors that should affect your smartphone decision in 2017, let’s just stick with these 5. At least, for now. Any question?? I’ve got you :).

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