Social networking is the buzz these days. It’s what powers a huge chunk of Internet usage today – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Skype, et al.

Social Networking on the Nokia N9

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Social networking is the buzz these days. It’s what powers a huge chunk of Internet usage today – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Skype, et al. Yes; one big global village.

If social networking is your thing, you’d be wondering if the N9 cuts it, especially considering the dearth of 3rd party apps for the MeeGo platform.

One outstanding trait of the N9 is that it comes with built-in support for almost every social networking service on the planet. Here’s the list:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Skype
  5. Flickr
  6. Picasa
  7. YouTube
  8. SIP

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If you used it’s older cousin, the N900, you will remember how tightly integrated some of these services were on Maemo. Well, it’s just as good here.

When you create an account for any of the above services, your contacts on each service are integrated into your contacts and call menu on the N9.

It’s all so nifty and convenient. Still, we must take a closer look at the most popular services, Facebook and Twitter.


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The built-in Facebook app is quite good. You get your notifications, news feed, profile, friends, messages, events, photos, and chat.

You are able to accept friend requests, search your friends list, access friends’ info, wall and photos. It’s the complete experience minus a mundane thing like pokes.


If you have used Twitter on web or mobile, and are comfortable with the features, you will be okay with the built-in Twitter client on the N9.

It lacks the more advanced features of lots of other mobile Twitter apps, but it’s fully Twitter. There’s your Twitter Line, mentions, direct messages, search, and you can reply, retweet and favourite tweets.

It also let’s you view profiles, including yours. Plus, you can edit your own profile. You are able to follow and unfollow as well. And should some pesky spammers hit you, the ability to block an individual is there too.

Homescreen Feeds

Your Facebook and Twitter feeds can be configured for display on the N9’s notification screen, such that you can follow what’s going on on both services in one place. Tap on an item and the respective application launches for you to interact.


There is also a built-in Skype application and your Skype contacts are also integrated into your Contacts. You can send messages and chat via Skype, as well as make Skype calls.

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Flickr and Picasa integration allows you to upload your pictures right from inside the Gallery. Video uploading is also possible via Facebook, Flickr, and Youtube from inside the Video app – so long as you have signed in to those services.


All in all, social networking integration on the N9 is quite good and tight. The basics are covered very well. Staying connected with your online communities with the N9 is a cinch.


  1. good improvement from Nokia, They are now joining the high tech. mobile world. In my SGSII, there is full SNS integration, there is an option of share in everything you might think of, you can take a snap shot and share it directly on facwbook, twitter, picassa integration, linkedin, Google+, youube ans ao on.

  2. Nice one. Nokia is finally getting it right.

    It is very dangerous trying to suppress a revolution. Muammar Gaddafi tried it and ended up kissing the dust. Nokia did well to realise their unpopular and regressive stand, searched within and found out that they are devoid of ideas on how to remedy the situation before running to Elop for help. And today, everybody is singing Nokia praise.

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