I just got a software update notification for my Lumia 1520 a few minutes ago. The notice stated two components: 1. Microsoft Update 8.0.10521.155; and

Software Update available for Nokia Lumia 1520

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Lumia 1520 update
I just got a software update notification for my Lumia 1520 a few minutes ago. The notice stated two components:

1. Microsoft Update 8.0.10521.155; and
2. Nokia Update for Windows Phone

So, this looks like a generic update for all Lumia devices, which means that you should be getting a notice soon too.

I agreed to install the update, the red beast shut down and then a black dcreen with spinning cogs was next, and then a white screen with a progress bar about my data being migrated. Finally, another restart, and I had my 1520 back after about 10 minutes.

What’s new?

Microsoft says update takes care of the following:

Accessibility: several improvements for customers who are visually impaired.

Storage: easily free up storage space on your phone and manage temporary files. New categories show what’s taking up space.

Driving Mode: allows you to minimize incoming calls and text messages to help you focus on the road.

Screen orientation: lock your screen orientation so it doesn’t shift when you move your phone around.

Wi-Fi: Start preserving cellular data on your phone right out of the box. You can now connect to Wi-Fi during set up.

Bluetooth Internet sharing: share your phone’s cellular data connection from your Microsoft Windows 8.1 devices by pairing them over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth: several fixes were made to address known issues, and improvements were made to connection quality for Bluetooth accessories.

Ringtones: assign ringtones for text messages, so you’ll know who’s texting you without even looking. Use your custom ringtones for more things—text messages, instant messages, emails, voicemail, and reminders.

App switcher: Don’t look back. Now you can use the App switcher to quickly close apps when you’re finished with them.

Other improvements: Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.

I can’t be sure of everything now, but I am certain that some of the above features were already present on my 1520. Wondering…. Still, that’s what I saw. I am not sure what the Nokia part of the update added. perhaps just performance enhancements. Did you get an update notice? Notice anything new?

PS: I found something new. There used to be an issue with users of Google Mail (I am one). When I launched the mailbox, it would give a Google error about the phone not having enough memory to sync information. The error code was 8007000E. Everything worked well, with mails coming in and going out without issues, but the error nag screen was an irritation. After this update, that has become a thing of the past. No more Google error.


  1. Good effort. the young seems to be growing.

    What I would love to know is. when will high end devices from MictroKia start running Android. if ever?

  2. Hello:)

    I’m from Montreal Canada
    I owne a 1520 Hong Kong Factory unlocked Version

    I don’t see any update available on my setting ..phone update….

    Is it possible the honk Kong 1520 version might be slow for update!

    Have a great day:)

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