As you already know, I am currently reviewing Smile’s 4G LTE service in Lagos. Word out is that a commercial launch is around the corner.

Speed Kills [A Broadband Tale]

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Smile 4G LTE broadband

As you already know, I am currently reviewing Smile’s 4G LTE service in Lagos. Word out is that a commercial launch is around the corner.

I usually don’t consume more than 6GB of internet data a month. On Smile’s 4G LTE link, I gulped 5GB in two days. No; it isn’t that my usage is unplanned. It is that certain tasks that used to be frustrating on a slower connection are now much more pleasurable. I mean, when one who used to do a little less than 1Mbps to 3Mbps is suddenly blessed with 7Mbps to 18Mbps, that is like being moved from a single lane road to a six-lane highway. Yes; speed kills. Or is it the wider road now?

  1. My fear is with that much speed, one tend to consume the available data within days. 4G can kill o. Am sure 1GB is like a drop in the ocean. Or what’s the solution am begining to fear for high speed broadband. I think with this speed it should be unlimited. Or what do u feel

  2. I was actually smiling reading this post but it is a reality we have to live with. Slow=Longer, Fast=Shorter! My conclusion? #DataIsJustTooExpensiveInNigeria // By the way, I have access to a smile router lying fallow here in the office. I presently use GLO on my devices.

  3. The question I have always asked is, ‘Does the increased speed cause more data consumption than usual?’

    By that I mean, If I used to visit the same 10 pages per day on say, Airtel Broadband and now visit those same 10 pages using Smile Boradband for example, will I consume more data?

    My experience with MTN has been that whenever I even ventured to a page that had graphics, the download rate shot all the way up. Automatically, my consumption increased. Funny thing is, I accessed this same page using Airtel and consumed less.

  4. Tsk! ‘Em ISPs are always impressive when new with relatively low traffic. After a few months, we will review this post as download speed would have dropped to 1mbs max. Eazyblaze et al are testimonies.

    @lammy I believe MTN has a special calculator they use for their Data. I gulp 3gb/month on MTN while I hardly exhaust 2gb on Airtel. Granted MTN is way faster than Airtel

  5. But if I may ask what’s the problem with the networks starting with 17mbps and ending it with less than 1mbps.

  6. This supersonic speed may not kill physically, but it sure will eventually kill financially.?
    There was a time I deliberately avoided driving speedy cars, with breathtaking acceleration.

    I am probably still alive in one piece because of that decision.

    I would avoid this SMILE turning into a deep FROWN, as it would probably plough deep holes in my (data) pockets.

    We sure need a Speed Governor for this SMILE, the way we have on some speedy supercars. and, yes, we may not do much voice calls anymore, soon, if speeds like this become commonplace. voIP instead of voice calls, unending streaming instead of radio and television.

    Lead us not into temptation. A speedy car or internet, is a clear and present danger and temptation to the weak_willed. Folks like me.

    Me, I don’t talk my yone…

    Seriously, though, this is so hot it’s cool..

  7. I simply like this kind of speed. In fact, I would rather die in this kind of speed than growing grey hair from the frustrations called Airtel and especially Glo data networks right now.

    I would rather learn to use the throttle on Smile’s 4G network than being saddled with these perpetual cruise controls called Airtel and Etisalat. Yeah, speed kills but we can learn to control speed when we have the power of speedy networks like Smile. I hope we will truly be smiling when Smile launches operation in Lagos.

  8. Hmmm…I’m wondering hard here. Jesse tweeted some ultra-speedy-outtathisworldspeed earlier…well, it originated in the U.S. 🙁
    Anyways, I don’t think speed kills (relating to data sha), but usage does. The speed is like a drug that invigorates you to explore more and do more, hence the inevitable data chomp.

    I’d vote for better speeds anyday, though I fear these feats such as from Smile 4G, maybe overshadowed by increased data consumption…

    Still, like I said earlier, I vote for speed! 🙂

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