Despite the widespread adoption of smartphones and mobile broadband around the world, page load speeds of websites when accessed on mobile devices is still an issue. Many…

Speed up your WP blog on mobile with Google AMP

Despite the widespread adoption of smartphones and mobile broadband around the world, page load speeds of websites when accessed on mobile devices is still an issue. Many webpages still do not load fast enough. Google’s solution is what they have called the AMP project, hence the name Google AMP.


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What Is Google AMP?

AMP is an abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Essentially, AMP is a standard that strips webpages of the clunky stuff so that they are leaner and lighter and so load faster. Mobile users with less powerful devices and on slow internet networks stand to enjoy a faster browsing experience on pages where AMP is implemented.


In addition, your website stands to enjoy better Google search ranking if you have AMP implemented on it. In mobile search results, Google gives priority to AMP.

Personally, I am not quite a fan of AMP. I agree with the principle of speeding up things for mobile users. Everyone agrees actually, and all of them – from Opera to Apple – are doing something about producing faster website browsing on mobile.


I just think that Google forcing AMP on us is not the way to go. The Accelerated Mobile pages do not follow some of the web standards that everyone else has agreed to. But as Google is king of search, you either comply or miss out on the benefits.

Google AMP For WordPress

If you run a WordPress-powered blog, the easiest way to add any functionality to your blog is to install a plugin. There are quite a number of AMP plugins available on WordPress. The question is, which should you use? I have tried out a couple in the last one year and can save you some headache in your decision-making.

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

This AMP plugin by Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi is a very robust one with extensive customisation features and options that you can use to implement AMP on your WordPress blog. It offers three layouts you can choose from, among other things and makes it easy to add Adsense ads to your AMP pages.

However, every time I have used it, sooner or later, Google Search Console sends me a message to say that non-valid AMP syntax is showing up in my AMP pages. The consequence of having non-valid AMP is that your pages may be dropped from Google search results.

So, I ditched this plugin.

AMP for WordPress

Automattic, the developers of WordPress, created an AMP plugin of their own. It isn’t half as extensive and customisable as AMP for WP, but it is what I have settled for. I get no Google Search Console errors despite its very basic nature and look.

But then, the whole idea behind AMP is simplicity – the basics. Maybe the lack of bloat is not a bad idea. I recommend AMP for WordPress by Automattic.

Other AMP Plugins for WordPress

Two other plugins for adding Google AMP to WordPress that you can check out are:

  1. Better AMP – WordPress Complete AMP by Better Studio
  2. WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress by WP AMP Ninja

You can find these and others by using the Add New button under Plugins in your WordPress blog.

More About The AMP Project

If you are a webmaster or web developer, you will be interested in reading up some more about the AMP Project. Visit the official website HERE.

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