CDMA mobile operator, Starcomms, has introduced new volume-based data renewal plans exclusive for Motorola Q and Q9c smartphones. The data plans, which include 1x and

Starcomms introduces new bulk data plans for Motorola Q

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CDMA mobile operator, Starcomms, has introduced new volume-based data renewal plans exclusive for Motorola Q and Q9c smartphones.
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The data plans, which include 1x and EVDO access on the iZAP service, are:

  • iZAP 1GB plan: 1GB with 30 days validity – N3,500
  • iZAP 2GB plan: 2GB with 30 days validity – N4,500

The data plans can be subscribed to via SMS, but details of the codes are not presently available. Mobile data just got more convenient on the Starcomms network.


  1. This is a good one from Starcomms. I use their mobile pc modem data plan. And it is okay. I hope they could increase their plans to other handsets. i don’t really like the motorola q User interface.

  2. My major issue with Motorola q at least when i had one years ago is that just make you store as little information in the phones internal memory, because even with several mb of free space, the phone will keep freezing and only way to resolve will be to perform a master reset.ALways make sure your info is backed up.

  3. good one.

    wonder why they are pushing this with just two handsets.

    is this desperation to aggressively promote the Motorola Q’s, or what?

    level ofadoption may depend depending on how good / bad those Motorolas are. AFewGoodMen?. DeolaDoctor?


  4. Nice offer I must say. However, I still prefer the old tarrif of N15,000 for 3 months (or 250 hrs). With this, there is no cap or ceiling to the amount of data you download hence you have no fears when you teether and browse with your PC. The newly introduced plan helps when you are on budget and you do most of your internet chores using the phone.

    No fears. I use both moto Q and moto q9c. Aside from the initial bad experience I had with the moto Q due to a fraudulent starcomms franchise agent, the phone is ok and the services are really good. I am enjoying the windows mobile experience.

    Anyone wanting to go the moto way on starcomms is adviced to go for the moto q9c. It is more mordern and brand new. You can use it with up to 4Gb memory card (as opposed to moto Q’s 2Gb), its solid and its more beautiful. The OS is 6.1, has facebook integrations, and comes with more modern internet explorer.

  5. deoladoctor,

    We are likely to see more operators cap monthly data usage as more and more demand is being placed on their already stretched networks. I did an article on this new trend recently.

    All over Europe and in the US in particular, mobile operators are admitting that their network resources for data are stretched and they are introducing caps. Many so-called “unlimited” data plans really have caps.

    In some cases, true unlimited data plans allow usage on-device only. Once you tether (i.e. use your device as a modem with PC), you get slammed with huge bills. I don’t know how this will all play out, but there’s the trend, and it is beginning to gather momentum.

  6. @234connect
    The motoQ is not that slow and mine does not hang. True you are limited to about 50Mb of internal storage out of which only about 38 is available to you, but this is really not an issue cos you can store your files and install your apps in the memory card.

  7. @Yomi
    Very sad trend indeed. If our operators copy this trend without a downward review of their high tariff, we will be in for a big rip off.

  8. att just introduced tiered pricing on their data plans, even the unlimited plan they had,, has a fair use policy of 5 gb and verizon is thinking of the same. The beauty of competition is that some carrier will always offer unlimited.

  9. @ 234connect. But then the big carieers still have a way of bullying the smaller ones and pushing their will on them anti-competitively. Just look at AT&T for instance in an exclusivity deal with Apple for the iphone until 2012!

  10. @deoladoctor, @234connect,

    Just coming in: Another operator, O2, drops unlimited data plans right in AT&T’s footsteps. An interesting prologue:

    It’s hard to imagine who decided to quickly cut off the long time beloved commodity of unlimited data plans that’s been ingrained into the minds of mobile users around the world for the better part of the last few years. AT&T surely started to roll the ball in selling tiered data plans, which obviously can help them reduce network congestion, but their move is sure to be aggressively adopted by others.

    The trend continues….

  11. I think all carieers are the same. THe small and the big! THe small are only waiting to become big to rip off consumers. I do not blame them if they have tiered data plan, but I also urge them to still keep the unlimited plan open!

  12. @Yomi

    Thanks for the info even though its a sad one.
    I saw the news on BBC earlier and it is a very sad trend. Before now, i thought the mobile operators in nigeria would take a cue from starcomms and introduce tarrifs with no caps but with this international trend, that vision sadly would not be realized. We are in for a big rip off if the tarrifs do not come down.

  13. Some one should please tell starcomms that Motorola has deployed CDMA Droid X on US Verizon.

  14. bosun99uk,

    Droid X? Are you kidding?

    None of our CDMA networks provide any handset that is not at least two (2) years old. None. Why do you think that Starcomms and ZOOM are still both bragging about Motorola Q?

    Dream on!

  15. @Yomi

    If not for the internet and traveling these guys would have told us that such phones are not available anywhere in the world.

    Like i told the stacomms customer care guy, if they really mean business they will have to change.

  16. I am thinking starcomms did well for introducing a phone c1110 that was released by the maker same year in to their lineup. thank God for internet travel,we would have been kept in the cave

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