Stereo Audio Clash: BlackBerry Passport versus HTC One M7

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In my review of multimedia on the BlackBerry Passport, I mentioned how the positioning of the stereo speakers on the phablet meant that stereo audio quality on it would likely be inferior to that of other devices with front-facing stereo speakers e.g. HTC One M7, HTC One M8, and BlackBerry Z30.

I got my hands on an HTC One M7 and was able to test my theory. Guess….

One M7 - Passport

The speakers on the HTC One M7 blew those of the Passport completely out of the water. It was not even a close call in any way. I was right. That positioning of the passport’s speakers at the bottom end of the phone meant a huge sacrifice in audio quality.

Now, remember that the BlackBerry Z30 Whips HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4 in the stereo audio category. As it stands, I have no doubt that between the Passport and the Z30, the latter still has the [much, much] better stereo speakers.

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