This guide shows you how to stop auto renewal on Etisalat (9mobile) Nigeria if you have a running data plan and do not want it renewed automatically on expiration.

How to stop Etisalat data plan auto renewal

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This guide shows you how to stop auto renewal on Etisalat Nigeria if you have a running data plan and do not want it renewed automatically on expiration.

When you subscribe to any data plan on the Etisalat Nigeria (now 9mobile) network, that plan is automatically set to renew. This means that the data plan will renew itself on its expiry date without asking you. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on where you’re standing.

There are those who want the data plan to renew automatcally, and there are those who do not. If you prefer to not have it auto-renewed, the steps below show you how to cancel the auto renewal feature.

how to cancel or stop Etisalat auto renewal

How To Deactivate or Stop Auto Renewal on Etisalat

To deactivate or stop auto renewal feature for any data bundle you have subscribed to on the Etisalat Nigeria network (9mobile), dial *229*0#. That’s it. Auto renewal of that plan will be disabled and it will no longer be renewed automatically on expiry.

You will be able to use this code to stop auto-renewal on Etisalat. In other words, using it will deactivate auto renewal on Etisalat night plan and one day plan. It is the Etisalat code to cancel any data plan. You can call it a master code.

how to stop etisalat auto renewal
dial to stop renewal of any etisalat data plan

Take note that if you do not want auto renewal, you must deactivate it after every data plan subscription that you do. Even if you have deactivated it before, once you subscribe to a new bundle at a later date, you have to deactivate again if you do not want the plan to be automatically renewed.

Remember, to cancel auto renewal on 9mobile (formerly Etisalat) data plan:

To unsubscribe any Etisalat data bundle, Just dial *229*0#. Doing this cancels auto renewal on your Etisalat data plan, so when your current bundle expires, it does not get renewed automatically.

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  1. Mr Mobility, can you put me through on how to change IME of my inifinix note. Kindly get in touch via my email. Thanks

  2. There’s actually a tutorial on here on how to go about changing the IMEI number,just search for the topic for glo BIS tweaks..

  3. WTF!!! Why ur *229*0# is invalid code? And below ur guidance also not working. How can I remove ur auto renew plan?

    Dear customer, your request to subscribe to the Non-stop Bronze plan has been completed successfully, and AED 3 has been deducted from your account balance. You have 100 MB of local data @ 192Kbps, valid for 24 hours, after that your usage will continue for free @64Kbps. To unsubscribe from this plan and use out of bundle data, send ‘CDP3‘ to 1012 and it will be removed immediately.

  4. I need a deactivate code for SL. Please add a deactivate code for Lankans. It’s pretty annoying to use Etisalat though I use.

  5. Please how do I deactivate etisalat happy data? *229*0# deactivation code is not working!

  6. please I need a code to deactivate etisalat happy hour data plan. *229*0# code is not working!

  7. Hai,
    I have one data plan with hand set one year contract. This contract will finish this month. I want cancel this package. How will?????

    N.B. Problem is now i am not in Dubai. I already resigned my job in Dubai and i leave from there.

  8. How to stop auto renewal for my super50 monthly subscription from elisalat dubai? *229*0# isn’t working, it just answers “wrong application”

  9. The code *229*0# is not working, my phone said, you are not on Easy blaze Data Offer. please am worried. thanks.

  10. I unknowingly subscribed to protocol based pack and I really want to unsubsribe. I stopped using this line BC my money is being deducted each time I load card. And I still want to be using this line but I can’t BC 150 naiara is been deducted from my credit anytime I load card. What code can I use to unsubscribe please

  11. I try to stop the auto renewal data plan by using this code *229*0# but it not helping matters at all.

  12. Dear sir my Etisalat sim company provide me monthly giving me 25 Dharhams my issues this money quickly going I don’t know any options activated what to do me

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