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Back in August 2015, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) directed all mobile network providers to provide an opportunity for subscribers to opt out of any service provided. It appears that MTN Nigeria has complied and made available a means for subscribers to opt out of unsolicited SMS marketing.

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To stop receiving those pesky advertising messages from MTN Nigeria:

  • Dial *123*5*4#
  • Press 1 to Opt out of mobile Ad
  • Reply with Yes to opt out of advertising

After that, you should receive a message saying that you have successfully opted out of Mobile Advertising. Hopefully, that is the end to all your complaints about unsolicited advertising messages on the MTN Nigeria network.

Nice; yeah? If you have info on same for other networks, please do share.


  1. Looks like MTN is learning to Obey regulators. Fines have a way of resetting a recalcitrant company’s head to default mode.

    .. This is a good one, and I wonder why NCC has not wielded a big stick on the networks that have not obeyed their directive regarding nagging unsolicited adverts, so far.

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