Surprise! Galaxy S6 sales fall short of expectations, says report

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and egde
Here is a news bit from Sammobile referencing a report on the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S6:

Earlier this year Samsung launched its new flagship handsets the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. The market expected that customers would react favorably to the new devices and many of them did but things are expected to change in this quarter as industry watchers believe sales of the Galaxy S6 will actually fall short of expectations in the second quarter. The apprehension continues to mount as we head into the fall where traditionally Apple launches new iPhones and that’s also perceived as a threat to sales of the Galaxy S6.

There are those who argue that Samsung played things safe with the S6 instead of going all out to produce a flagship that changes the game. Such pundits have insisted that because of this, the S6 would be unable to save Samsung from plummeting profit margins. Could they be right?

Where do you stand in this debate? Did Samsung play too safe with the S6 or is the low sales being reported due to some other factor?

If interested, you can read the full story on Galaxy S6 sales reportedly fall short of expectations, all eyes on the Galaxy Note 5.

  1. it’s a result of many different factors
    – the bigger iPhones (6 & 6+) have returned the Apple folks who left the Apple ecosystem for screen real estate
    – the price, the S6 & S6 Edge are the most expensive Android flagship smartphones. their direct competition (M9 & G4) cost less
    – Samsung’s ditched expandable memory & removable batteries, a good number of people stuck with their S4’s & S5’s instead of upgrading to the S6/S6 Edge for these reasons

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