Survey: 10 things you never knew about app developers

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When someone says “app developer”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A nerdy guy in ruffled clothes, wearing glasses, and peeping at the computer screen, writing code? In reality, it goes way beyond that. Most app developers are actually human beings like you and I.

Mobile advertising firm, InMobi did a survey covering over 1000 developers, and opened our eyes to many realities of the app development ecosystem. Below are few of the highlights lifted from the full report:


  1. Globally 91% of app developers are male, 6% are female, while 3% preferred not to disclose their sex.
  2. The average developer is a 31-35 year-old man with less than three of years of app development experience earning approximately $6,000 per month.
  3. The majority of developers have less than three years of experience, with 34% claiming to have 4-plus years in the industry.
  4. Most developers work on their own, 47% of them, while 33% worked on a team of fewer than five. The former earns the least, a monthly average revenue of $1,500 while the groupies rake in 30 times more than that every month.
  5. 55% of developers make $1,000 a month at most, with a tiny proportion (4%) taking home more than $100,000 per month.
  6. Developers in Asia-Pacific are the poorest compared to the rest of the world. 61% of them earn $1,000 or less, with average monthly revenue of $3,400.
  7. Microsoft pays the most. On their platform, a developer can make $11,400 per month. For Android it is $4,900 and for iOS $8,100.
  8. Most app developers use Java, about 65% globally, while 45% use HTML5 to build apps.
  9. 86% of developers build Android apps while iOS is the focus for 57%. Windows accounts for 21%.
  10. The major problem for developers is still getting users to know about their apps.

You can read more from the InMobi research HERE or HERE.

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  1. In reality, it goes way beyond that. Most app developers are actually human beings like you and I.


    Now, why am I shocked. Humans?

    By the way, some. of the points listed up there seem to contradict themselves…

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