Social media and the mobile blogosphere are abuzz with news of the release of the long awaited Symbian Anna update. The update will roll out

Symbian Anna update now released

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Social media and the mobile blogosphere are abuzz with news of the release of the long awaited Symbian Anna update.

The update will roll out across different regions at different times, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a notification right away.

You can hook up your Symbian smartphone to Nokia PC Suite, launch the SW Update app on your phone, or type *#0000# on your phone to check availability.


  1. from what I’ve read from people (or users of N8. Dont know if it worked on C7 and E7) who installed a leaked test version of symbian belle, it’s so pretty you’d think symbian Anna is soooo 1914! And I’ve seen some of the screenshots of symbian belle and believe me it’s very impressive, even for a test version. Symbian Belle also comes with web browser version 7.4

    But, then, a swallow in your hand is better than an eagle high up in the sky, eh? I’ll patiently wait for Anna…

  2. Well, I’ve been using Anna for more than 2 weeks now, albeit a hacked version. I just checked my N8, and saw that 2 Symbian Anna files are available for update. I’ll give it a try later, but right now my mind is already focusing on the leaked Belle firmware. I hope I can give it a try soon.

  3. Comes too little too late for me. Sold the N8 & E7 and am loving the Nexus S. Sure its nice that Anna is out but short of Maps there wasnt too much exciting about the UX. you can also kiss Google services integration or app dev goodbye. I’ve pretty much accepted there won’t be many relevant apps for the N9, I hope its browser is punchy enough to DO IT ALL. enjoy your dated underwhelming ‘update’

  4. Wadda…my phone keeps telling me no update available…arrrgh!!! Abi those that updated theirs..are they not in the same Naija as me…ooooooh!!!

  5. Still no update available on my N8 but my friends using C7 we®e notified of an update but required to use a PC which turned out to show 329mb. This is quite alarming since there’s no 3G or a fast cyber cafe around. Hope this is not the case with ????

  6. Finally got the update notification via the SW update app this evening but was asked to do update via OviSuite on pc.
    I will just have to look a good wifi connection to install the more than 300mb of data.

  7. Guys, the update is about 26 MB. It took me abut 15 minutes to update my phone. I am using the N8. My friend’s C7 also had an update. I tried updating using Ovi Suite (over 200MB) but there was an error. I recommend updating your phones over wifi.

    To do an update, you can try one of the following:

    1.) Go to Menu>Applications>Tools>Phone Setup>SW update. This did not show the updates available for me, so you can try the next method.

    2.) Go to Menu>Settings>Phone>Phone management>Device updates. Press Options then “Check for Updates.” This should show an update version 022.014. This method worked for me.

  8. If after updating you notice that your Quick Office and Adobe have vanished,try this:

    Advance the date on your phone (like a week after) and then go back to the Software Update feature,refresh and you’ll see a list of Updates.
    *Symbian Anna Update (1/2:2/2)
    *NFC plus free games (For Nokia C7 users like moi)

    Updates might vary depending on the device

  9. With my experience with OTA updates you wouldnt get d updates if you’re using configuration settings automatically provisiond by your phone itself… ve to use d settings gotten via sms from your network service provider or otherwise enter a new manual configuration settings…try this guys and you’ll get your update

  10. Life is funny, a new journey starts when 1 ends.
    We love Anna now we look forward to Belle.

  11. Perserve – to continue working towards a goal despite difficulties or obstacles. . . . Just survived the most frustrating software update ever!!! After a billion futile tries i was able to update to official symbian anna. I noticed yomi hasn’t uttered a word in the comments. Perhaps he was meet with the same roadblocks as i did.
    The update is really nice. Faster, cleaner and more eye candy. Its just better than before. I wonder how Belle will feel on the current devices.

  12. How will d split screen qwerty feel on a nokia 500 wiv just 3.2inch screen? Just wondering…

  13. Sorry NFC free game, that’s the Angry Birds free with Magic for Nokia C7 which has the NFC activated after the Anna Update. You get to unlock other levels of Angry Birds free with Magic with other Nokia C7 users via NFC

  14. I just bought nokia c6-01. I saw series of updates but i think they r old stocks. Have finishd updatin them. I wil check for the anna stuff

  15. pls my phone goes blank while installing and doesn’t come up again…when i restart the installation, it does the same thing…i tire o…please i need someone’s help.

  16. Please i need help!!! my phone(C7) keeps shutting down each time the update gets half-way…what should i do??? im freaking frustrated!

  17. @empexy,pls,pls & please ,don’t be frustrated it’s a small problem.similar thing happened to my nokia n8 when i was updating ti symbian anna.listen & listen to me very well,get someone that knws about software to help you RUN YOUR OVISUITE AS ADMINISTRATOR ON YOUR LAPTOP B4 YOU START THE UPDATING .very simple.let me knw if you still encounter any problem .don’t do anything rash .

  18. Nokia has just announced that Symbian Belle will be available for N8, E6, E7, X7, C7, C6-01 and Oro.

  19. is there no ota update for c7? Mine shows none and i’m tied of waiting. The ovisuite update is quite a large file, about 300MB, very annoying. Pls, how do i make the update to be available via ota?

  20. Deji please is could you direct me on how to run my ovisuite as administrator?? Cus im sick and tired of this stress my C7 is giving me.

  21. right click on the icon of your ovi suite ,scroll down ,and click in run as administrato.that’s all.

  22. @Deji
    Pls, help me. Since the anna came out i’ve not got any update via my c7 ota update. I want to know how i can get the update via ovisuite of over 350mb through glo sim, if it is possible.

  23. @sam
    your phone may show the update but you may not be able to download it via the phone (OTA). Some phone are not allowed to do this. Based on their product codes. Your only option via Ovi Suite.
    If your phone has Nigeria warranty, you can only download the symbian anna update 1/2 & 2/2 and other minor ones via your OTA. But the main update must be thru Ovi suite.
    Connect your phone to a laptop. You must have ovi suite ver 3.xx installed before you can do this.

  24. @empexy
    i am using a C7 myself and did update my phone without any issue. And you did not say when your phone goes blank: is it when you are downloading the update file, or when the actual update of the phone is occuring. I dont know if you have eventually resolved the issue. But if you haven’t you may try this:
    Check your usb cable and make sure it’s faulty,

    install ovi suite 3.xx in your computer,

    attached your phone and let all the drivers be install in both phone and computer,

    search for updates via ovi, download to computer. If you had before ovi will search your computer and recognize it so you wont need to redownload.

    Install the update on your phone. It is important that you do not disturb the usb connection during this stage until it is done.

    If the above fails to address the issue, download Navifirm, phoenix (google it, there is always a tutorial attached on how to use it) this will help you install the update to your phone as if your phone was dead. But all risk is yours o.

  25. @sam
    Another option which i discovered by chance is if you have a laptop that was used to update a similar c7 phone, you can use it to update another c7 without the trouble of downloading the large file. OVI will simply ask you to reinstall.

  26. so, can one not connect the ovi-connected phone to the internet, using airtel, or glo bundle? I’ve tried that and its quite not connecting to nokia server, but i saw 1 notification for the device update! Pls, someone should help me!

  27. off course you can. But if you are using the phone for the first time to connect, or the ovi suite had never been connected to the net via a mobile phone, you would see a pop up window telling you to download a ”hot fix” file. I think this file contains the drivers missing or something. In any case, click the link and download and install the ‘hot fix’. Then reconnect your phone and connect to the net. Make sure, though, that you used the bundle’s access point else your credit might suffer.

  28. Thanks for your help guys. Finally had my phone updated thru “Nokia software update”. Ovisuite failed to do the job. I really do appreciate @deji and @Jopancy

  29. still battling to download the large file of anna update via epileptic nigerian mobile network operators’ bundles, but to know avail. It drained laptop battery and failed, whilst power outage. I can’t imagin my dam country, where even with the right amount of money, one would definitely not get the right services. I wish anyone would come to my rescue! I’m fatly sad!

  30. @jopancy
    i’m super horny; just updated to anna(my new wife). Believe me, it’s super cool on my c7. Thanks to u and the owner of this site. You guys are splendid.

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