Why it is important to clear your browser history

Browser History

A few years ago, a story broke out on the Internet, where a certain presenter was demonstrating how students in Illinois, USA could get juvenile offenses expunged from their records. The presenter used his/her phone. During the demonstration, someone happened to notice a link to popular adult site PornHub in the presenter’s browser history. Well, you can imagine how embarrassing that turned out to be for the presenter. The moral of that story is this: if you have anything you would not want anyone to see in your browser history,…

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How to turn on Incognito mode in Chrome for Android

Incognito mode

There are certain times when you need to browse the internet but also need it to be private. For example, you might want to do some research on a topic but also want to keep your browsing history private. In such cases, you can switch to Incognito mode.  Going incognito is easy to do on Chrome, the default Web browser on Android devices. The feature is available on other browser apps too, but the steps to activate it will vary from browser to browser. If you use Google Chrome on…

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