Taking a look at mobile developers' needs

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The mobile ecosystem in Nigeria is budding. We have a number of brilliant individuals who have carved a niche for themselves in mobile app development, and a long list of others who are aspiring to do the same.

On all sides, there are lots of activities, none of which are bad in themselves. I have personally discussed with a few mobile developers as we seek to contribute towards the development. It is no news that the Nigerian environment is an extremely harsh one to do any sort of business in. One can picture how it must be to attempt to blaze the trail in mobile apps development here. There’s certainly a lot to be done, and we must set our hearts and hands to the tasks at hand. But enumerating the areas of need and points of action is important.

Lots of people have spoken and written on the way forward for mobile app developers. Still, who knows what might be missing out in the picture painted so far? While Mobility’s primary focus has been consumers, it probably wouldn’t hurt to shine the spotlight on developers for a change.

Here’s a simple question to mobile app developers: what do YOU think that you need to make things happen faster and better? In your opinion, are there things that you feel need to be in place to catalyse mobile app development here in Nigeria and elsewhere on the continent? Do tell. The more specific you are, the greater the chances that those needs can get addressed.

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