Queens of Africa Dolls instill positivism in kids – Taofic Okoya

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Because every week is a Startup week for us at African Startup TV, we are delighted to showcase Queens of Africa Dolls and its founder, Taofic Okoya.

The events that led to Queens of Africa Dolls

Back in 2006, Taofic wanted to get his niece a gift for her birthday and because he wanted something special he thought that getting her a doll with African look will be unique.

But after scouting the supermarkets without sighting any black doll – there were only white toys on display on the shelves – he left the stores thinking that producing an African looking doll would make sense.

But just like many ideas that fly into your head then get lost in there, Taofic did nothing about the idea until one day his daughter asked him the big question, ”What colour are you”? And before he could finish explaining what color they were, she added, “I wish I was white.”

At that point, he knew there was an identity crisis going on with most children of African descent since they only get to see white children in their cartoon animations and are used to white baby dolls.

And so, Taofic Okoya, started the long walk of not only creating black dolls but educating, inspiring and instilling positivism in black children plus re-orientation and self-discovery across board. The road to Queens of Africa Dolls was set.

Speaking on the show, Taofic talked about the resistant he got in the early days, the challenges, the marketing strategies, the big break into international media, and of course some future projects in the loop.

If you are struggling with getting acceptance with your Startup, pulling through the Nigerian factors that affects most founders, at the bricks of collapse, confused on whether to quiet or keep on fighting or maybe you just need one word that will inspire you to get started already, this week episode of African Startup is for you. Enjoy the video:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0XmOASmFyk


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