When fake versions of your phones begin to flood the market, you can be said to have truly arrived. That is what it looks like

TECNO takes on counterfeit phones in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia

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When fake versions of your phones begin to flood the market, you can be said to have truly arrived. That is what it looks like for TECNO, as it seems that fake versions of its products have appeared in the market. As such, TECNO has begun taking a series of actions against fake phones. For example, it has an operation jointly with local distributors and polices to attack the counterfeit handsets dealers to restrict the trend.

In Ghana, TECNO says it has joined forces with its local agent last week to crack down on counterfeit products in two key target markets in Accra and Kumasi. In Accra, Ghanaian agency teamed up with local police in joint operation on April 1, with many technicians from Carlcare after-sale service centers, and inspected 9 shops. About 2,000 alleged counterfeit TECNO phones were seized. In Kumasi, the agency together with local police carried out this anti-fraud campaign on April 2, with the technicians from Carlcare after-sale service center, inspected 6 shops. About 1,550 alleged counterfeit TECNO phones were seized.

Similar operations are in the pipeline for Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia as well. Before now, we used to hear of only fake Nokia and Samsung phones. If fake TECNO phones are indeed flooding the market, then perhaps TECNO has done very well for themselves.

You can check whether that TECNO phone you want to buy is genuine or not by visiting gc.tecno-mobile.com (mobile-friendly link).


  1. What is a counterfeit phone and who determines that? In Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia, I believe there are regulatory bodies empowered to assure quality (Standards Organization Of Nigeria…in Nigeria.. for instance) and possibly stop fake products from getting into those countries in the first place.?

    So, how does a Mobile Phone Company (Tecno..in this case)
    suddenly turn itself to an Enforcement Agencies, going about seizing competitors’ products?

    Its simply a case of a Big Live Cock trying to asphyxiate the smaller one, and stop it from crowing.

    The regulatory authorities empowered to determine substandard products are the ones that should do this sort of thing…within the ambits and armpits of the Laws of those Lands.

    My take.

  2. Eye be kay is spot on. TECNO has no business storming grey markets to locate and stop ‘counterfeit’ phones. It is the duty of the law enforcement agencies. Perhaps TECNO’s small success is getting to their head.

    When and where have we heard of global giants like Nokia, Samsung and Apple storming phone markets to fish out ‘counterfeit’ phones and the culprits? These leaders would rather focus on upping their game with new releases of their brands and good marketing to stay steps ahead of fakers’ antics.

  3. well TECNO is doing this in partnership with local law enforcement. as for regulatory bodies, i’m sure neither of you would entrust a matter critical to your livelihood to any regulatory agencies in these parts. interesting thing for me is how these counterfeiters make money off faking TECNO devices

  4. Am sure both of you will do same if you were Tecno. They are not competing with Tecno, they are stealing from Tecno’s sweat! Same way pirates steal from artists. If they are sure of their products they should sell their own brand

  5. Wonders shall never cease, the same Tecno that used to make almost identical Nokia rip-offs

  6. I spent hours at the fone shop trying to decide if the Tecno phone I bought was original or not. It looked so faked, the start up sound and all. But i tried the airtel stuff on the carton n was given 200mb instantly. Wish that link to confirm it came earlier… already purchased it n nothing can be done except tecno gan gimmie a refund.

  7. If I have a brand and a brand name all duly registered globally and locally, if you make similar product with my brand name on it…. are you kidding me? or we lack business sense here? I will come after you and smoke you out of existance. Give me a break.
    We knew Tecno Rising. Welldone the liberator! Though you have become expensive now like the guys you took out. Hahahahahahha

  8. I doubt Tecno where actually making phones that resembled Nokia phones and more importantly, they didn’t use names close to Nokia’s which I believe does more harm to a beans than just making phones that look alike.

    I used a Tecno phone as far back as 2007 and I can’t remember or know any Nokia phone that looks the Tecno T570 except you believe that anything with keypad and screen is a Nokia clone.

  9. // Wonders shall never cease, the same Tecno that used to make almost identical Nokia rip-offs//

    What’s a Nokia ripoff?
    How is it possible to tell a Nokia phone apart from ANY other phone, if the Nokia Loco is missing.?

    It’s not as if there are any unique identifying features.

    it’s the same reason I don’t identify with Tecno griping, unless another phone manufacture puts ‘Tecno’ on their phones. that’s the ONLY instance where the word ‘counterfeiting’ would hold any easter..

  10. Color me stupified? This will only make sense to me if the counterfeit devices have the TECNO logo branded on them. Apparently they do?

    They have done well for themselves to have someone invest time and resources to produce a counterfeit.

  11. It is good that tecno has taken a step to fight all of the couterfate phone because they have made it very difficult to get the right product…….am actually getting my tecno h6 in a weeks time after seeing how the h5 was great from my co-work.

  12. Please let me use this medium to appeal to the technical department of Techno Mobile to kindly fix this bug in their Phantom Z series. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are not performing at their best at all.

    I recently bought the Phantom Z phone from Slot Nigeria and I couldn’t use my Bluetooth which keeps on discounting at every interval and also my callers complained not to be hearing me even when the said Bluetooth device is very close to my mouth and I am shouting, off course you also get to hear this FM kind of frequency noises.

    The Wi-Fi connectivity, that you have to come close to your modem to get strong signal. As for distance? Max is 4 meters before you can get fairly poor signal.

  13. If you want to buy a genuine Tecno phone do that within two to three weeks of the launch of the device, any time later than that might leave you at the mercy of the fakers and you unluckly pick up one of those fakes that would take you from one fault and malfunction to another.

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