TECNO’s Black Friday has to be the biggest, most generous flash sale in the history of flash sales! Get all the juicy details of what the company has for you here.

TECNO’s Black Friday will break the Internet

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TECNO’s Black Friday has to be the biggest, most generous flash sale in the history of flash sales!

As a brand that truly cares for Nigerians, TECNO understands that a lot of Nigerians depend on this time of the year to buy things at discounted prices. And so, year in, year out, they make sure to make Black Friday a memorable one.

tecno's black friday offer

Who doesn’t love discounts? Coupon codes come in handy especially when what you are buying is pretty and needed.

The Big Black Friday 50% Flash Sale from TECNO opened this November. It is the biggest and best Black Friday offer from TECNO. It is happening online right now and will further happen offline as well on the 29th of November 2019.

Head over to TECNO’s social media pages, take a chance at the weekly riddles that drops every Friday to qualify as a winner. If you think this is not for you, why not share this article to that friend and spread the love round—the friend will be paying half the price for a new TECNO Spark 4!

tecno spark 4 black friday 2019

How TECNO’s Black Friday offer works

So, here is how it works. There will be an online riddle for the first four weeks of the month of November 2019. For each of those four weeks, there will be a winner each week. We already have Winners for week one and week two. Each winner will be able to buy the TECNO Spark 4 at 50% off. That is NGN17,250 only.

While that is going on online, there will be an offline Flash Sale in selected mobile phone stores the very last Friday in November between 2 P.M and 3 P.M.

Do you know what is great about this? Even those who won’t get a 50% get to win instant gift items once they purchase a TECNO Spark 4! This is fantastic!

I know you will like to have more information to be sure of what to do. So, here are the platforms where you will find the details you need:

Facebook – @TECNOMobileNigeria

Twitter & Instagram – @tecnomobileng

TECNO SPOT website: bbs.tecno-mobile.com


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