If there were a place between enthusiast and Geek, I think that is where you will find me. You see, I am never satisfied with

The Curse Of The Geek

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Samsung i9000 S

If there were a place between enthusiast and Geek, I think that is where you will find me. You see, I am never satisfied with the default configuration on any device that I own. That is sometimes good but for the most part leads me to break things first before I even know how to fix them.

I own a Galaxy S currently and as things stand I have flashed the poor device with about 12 different variants of Ice Cream Sandwich that wasn’t made available by Samsung. I previously owned the Nokia 5230 which I flashed with different custom ROMs that I got from the forums of Mobile Phone Talk, that enabled me to do most things that the default Symbian OS installed by Nokia didn’t allow me to do (Yes, custom roms on Symbian!).

You see, I have a perfectionist persona and I always want every part of the device to be exactly what I want it to be. It is one of the reasons that I initially went into programming. Something that still keeps me going today is that I always want to see what is behind the scenes.

The Curse

With all I’ve said above there’s a very huge catch to all my “experiments” both on mobile and on the computer. The number one thing that I can classify as curse is that most times after tinkering with my devices, things don’t work the way I want them to be or even if they work, it are riddled with bugs.

The number one example of this is that I’m currently running the Windows 8 consumer preview on my computer and there are at least 5 bugs that constantly plague me all because i’m using beta software instead of using a stable version of Windows like any regular Joe would. But hey, I’m not a regular Joe!

The Second thing that I can identify is that because I use up-to-date content about 90% of the time, I tend to think that this is the same for everybody. A classic example was this guy that came to me with an Android phone and told me that his phone had a problem. The first question I asked him was what version of Android he had on it. The guy had no clue!

That wasn’t all either. He kept telling me that the phone had a fault because all the Java applications that he downloaded were not working. I had to sit him down and explain to him that Android does not use “Jar” files. For your information, he was running Android version 2.1 Eclair on the phone (Bad, eh? I know!).

The Third and final curse is when things don’t eventually work or when I spoil something because of my tweaking. I recently had a friend give me his N60,000 Samsung Galaxy S Plus that he broke just a few hours after he bought it. He flashed a wrong build of Android that wasn’t made for the device and to sum it up the device did not live to tell the tale today.


I may not be a full blown geek in accordance with “international” standards, but I also know that I’m still higher than the regular guy in my quest for total knowledge of my devices. Sure on my journey, different gadgets or components of gadgets have gone to the great underworld by my hands. However, I can say in retrospect that it is well worth it. So what is your own curse? Remember that we are all geeks at something.


  1. Inquisitiveness.

    This is something we all have in abundance when we were children but mostly outgrow as we grow older.

    While major character traits are often inborn, our willingness to explore also depends significantly on the environment in which we were brought up,

    Offsprings of ‘techies’ often become ‘techies’ themselves.
    I would not consider myself an úbergeek, but i love technology and like to learn and keep myself abreast of developments.

    Being a cautious geek, flashing / modding and such things are not for me.

    I would not break something unless reasonably sure i can fix it!

  2. Eye.Bee.Kay, some things are indeed inherited. My beloved father of blessed memory had a habit of dismantling and reassembling things (as he got older his reassembling skills seemed to have failed him, lol).

    My youngest brother and I are very similar but my youngest brother is the “geek” whereas I’m not. I avoided programming like the plague when I was in University but kind of regret it now. I have no problem dismantling something so long as bits aren’t left out. I am particular about making sure I put bits in exactly where I got them from. And I’ve found most technical things aren’t difficult to understand, it’s dependent on how they are explained.

    My bravery doesn’t extend to rooting though it’s an idea on the back burner. Interesting enough, none of my techie or “geek” friends or family have rooted or jailbroken their devices.

  3. I won’t consider myself a geek but I sure do explore technology more than the average user. Always trying to learn and get more from devices. These spans mobile phones, cars, home appliances, space technology e.t.c. For mobiles, i don’t think I can own a phone that I won’t push to its limits. Started with installing custom roms on my windows mobile, sonyericsson X1 back then. Now, android has offered me more room to play with those toys. In fact, the versatility of androids make me sometimes to believe there is nothing you cannot achieve when it comes to customisation. I will be flashing a new rom in my galaxy s2 this weekend and cannot wait to jailbreak the iPhone4 I am getting for wifie next week. Why restrict yourself when you can get more?
    I know a lot of people are just trying to play safe that is why they don’t go about tweaking their phones, but most steps are full-proof once you follow illustrations.

  4. I like pushing my gadgets too.

    N8 – I flashed mine more than 5 times last year. I was using Symbian Anna weeks before it became official. I started using Nokia/Symbian Belle in September, about 5 months before it became official. Once when flashing a Belle ROM, my N8 bricked. I tried everything for 5 days, before accepting defeat and giving it to Nokia Care at Abuja to fix, which they did (free of charge). A few weeks later, I couldnt resist and flashed it again!

    Blackberry – As soon as I bought my Bold2, I downloaded the OS6 firmware and manually upgraded it. Later, I downloaded and successfully flashed it with a hybrid firmware [Berryliscious VI]

    Laptop – I have a 500Gb laptop with several partitions. Over time, I have installed Windows8 DP, Ubuntu 13, Windows Vista, Mint 12 over a 29Gb partition. Now that partition refuses to be recognized by either Linux and Windows. I’ve been trying to install Windows8 CP on that partition for the past 2 days, and I will. I just downloaded several partition manager softwares to help me deal with that troublesome partition.

    Tablet – I own a HP Touchpad. I got it because it was cheap, and it can flashed to run Android [gingerbread and ICS]. I haven’t had much time to focus on it, but as soon as a beta CM9 build of ICS is available for it, I’m flashing that baby!

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