The FindMe app from PlirisMobile is now available on Google Play

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The developers at PlirisMobile have been hard at work on an app that takes care of your security and tracking needs in a more comprehensive way. The PlirisMobile FindMe app helps you do all the following with just a click:

  • Find your phone by Tracking on a map at
  • Find your phone by sending a SMS from another phone
  • Lock your phone remotely
  • Wipe your phone remotely
  • Configure a SOS number that gets your location when in an emergency
  • Track your phone with GPS and Cell IDs (Network)
  • Share your location with Friends at a click
  • View Call Logs remotely (Who your phone was used in calling and who called your phone)
  • Wipe all your tracking data online
  • Choose what data is being stored online for tracking
  • Know your phone’s location when it runs out of battery

While many tracking apps provide the above-listed features, it seems to me that the real value of FindMe is in its Premium Features. Have a look:

  • View current location of Phone also display the time and also status of phone location
  • View Current SIM Number in Phone
  • View Tracking Location History on Phone (allows you to view about 3 – 15 recent locations)
  • View Call Logs (3 – 10 recent)
  • View Power On Location of Phone ( shows 5 most recent ON locations with SIM Number)
  • View Power off Location of Phone (shows 5 most recent OFF locations with SIM Number)
  • View SIM Change Notification
  • Report your device as stolen

You can download FindMe from Google Play for free.

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