Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Back to the time when mobile phones were big enough to “carry” (not hold) with two hands When

The Future of Mobile Technology

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

  • Back to the time when mobile phones were big enough to “carry” (not hold) with two hands
  • When monophonic ringtones were the big deal
  • When computers were so big and slow and only a ‘specialist’ could touch it for fear that it would simply disintegrate
  • When you had to use floppy disks to copy information and God forbid your precious data be larger than 1.5mb
  • When you had to travel for miles just to use a superslow internet connection that wouldn’t load up the GOOGLE image in google.com
  • When the windows phone was called a palmtop computer
  • When having a stylus was a social status
  • When the concept of the future was carrying an even larger mobile phone that looked more like glorified walkie talkies
  • When flying cars were predicted to come by the year 2125
  • When touch pads and screens could only be called “science fiction” in star wars movies

Why am I taking you through this journey?

Well, isnt it obvious? The future has come. It’s here and now!

Owning a smartphone with some form of dedicated touchscreen device is almost a way of life. You can now literally store gigabytes and terabytes of information in the “air” (Boxnet, iCloud, Evernote) and carry with you wherever you want. You can literally access tons of information on the go. Now everyone’s talking about 4G LTE which is presumably so fast that you could literally finish a live football match before it’s even started (that’s a joke).

Oh, and did I mention, I watched a video of the first flying car last week on YouTube, and no, it was not in a batman movie trailer.

As if this isn’t enough, Google is on the verge of making public their ‘PROJECT GLASS’ which is already in testing. PROJECT GLASS, in some ways, brings Star Wars to reality.

IMG 2451

PROJECT GLASS is about spectacles that turn everyday life into an interactive experience and potentially have the power to change how we relate to nature. I’d say it’s the next big thing. Just search for “project glass” in Google and you’re bound to have a few thoughts.

IMG 2460

So my question for you is, with all of this happening already, what more can we look forward to in the future in terms of mobile technology?

Are we screwed already (pardon my language), at the peak and just waiting for a downward spiral?


  1. Technology trends this days are breathtaking. So many ‘impossible’things becoming suddenly possible

  2. Insightful article…its very obvious that the future of mobile is in the “AIR”…breathtaking innovations are been discovered everyday!!

  3. ‘The man who saw tomorrow’ was truly suffering from myopia (short sight).

    ‘If tomorrow comes’? – a real thoroughbred doubting Thomas!

    Tomorrow is today!

    ‘Impossible’ has become extinct..

  4. Really, nothing has really changed. Lets not amuse our selves with these fancy improvements on mobile technology. At least in Nigeria. Nothing has really changed.

  5. How I dread the day when batteries will be built-in to devices and not swappable and we won’t have external storage on a phone – oh wait, that day is already here!

    The best thing about the future is that it’s not worth trying to predict or guess. As Eye.Bee.Kay has rightly said, tomorrow is now.

    Was having a stylus at one time seen as a social status thing? I must have been moving in the wrong circles!

  6. The future of mobile is in Augmented Reality and Hologram Technology. Actual 3-D, not the one we have around in the theatres and TVs today. Actual 3-D Holograms.

    This posts reminds me of when I was young and first watched Star Wars, A new Hope (Episode IV). Though I preferred being a Dark lord of the Sith to a Jedi Master, that will be the first to use his power for good… -but I digress, that’s by the way side…

    There was this scene that a holographic projector from a mobile device showed Princess Leia saying; “Help us Obi-Won Kenobi; you are our only hope…” continuously because of a glitch in the device. But this scene strikes me. Sublime. And high tech. And out-of -the-world. I marvelled then at the power of a hologram. It is greater than video-phoning. It is like the person is standing next to you with actual height and breath. Actual width!! I know we’ll get there soon.

    That, in my opinion, is the future of mobile. Tomorrow’s reality is today’s dream. Today’s imagination is tomorrow!

  7. Gone were the days when you had to go to a Cinema Hall to watch “Battle Beneath the Earth”. You don’t even need to watch a cinema projection in any other place than the comfort of your bedroom nowadays. Thanks to Samsung Galaxy’s projection phone.
    The Sci-fi wrist watch com device is already a child’s toy. Dr McKay’s scientific tablet in Stargate Atlantis is outdated in these days of iPads and Galaxy Tabs.
    You can now control a big luxury Yatch using only an iPad.

    So what is the future?

    While not denying there is still a lot to be achieved and invented, the next level will be the control of all our gadgets by thoughts. Drive cars, fly planes, use cellphones, or even travel back into the past or venture into the unformed future purely by our thoughts. That’s the future. And it is already beginning.

    @Ayo Olanrewaju,
    Please can you give us a link to that YouTube video on the flying car if you can still get your hands on it.

  8. @Tosh,

    Thanks for sharing the link. This thing is amazing. But then, the final product for now has to have a limited application or else people will start getting knocked down in the streets and there will be thousands of plane crashes using it as it is displayed on the video.

    The future of mobile tech is indeed glorious and vast.

  9. @glenda,

    My dear, the word is YACHT. Am sure you recognize a mistake when made. Just a typo which actually originated from my post and just got carried over.

    Thanks for your dictionary definitions of the word “yatch”. Interesting….. ???? :))

  10. Congratulations, DeolaDoctor!

    Our dear glendaROBOT finally blew a fuse on ITS circuit board.

    This robot has gone rabid confusing you with Eye.bee.kay as regards the difference in spelling / meaning between ‘yatch’ and ‘yacht’

    ‘You have a ROBOTIC patient’ – DeolaDoc!

    I hope this is up your medical_alley?

  11. Lol….. I knew eye.bee.kay was going to go after Glenda… You guys make this place a lot more fun.

  12. On the topic, everything that goes up comes down. From today’s sci fi movies, you can easily deduce what will most likely be the end off all these technology boom. It going to come back to hunting humanity. But before then, we have a lot more inventions to wow us.
    @motorola c113, I don’t think you are right about Nigeria being the same. A lot a changed. We may not be where the US is today in technology , but we are definitely better than 10years ago.
    I once read somewhere that in the future, the most sort after resource will be information and water. Probably technology won’t b able to provide those sufficiently in the right quality.

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