The Innjoo M1 is a Swiss army gadget: Here’s what it can do

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The Innjoo m1 is a beautiful boxed gadget. It has a shining silver band running around its four sides. This multi-functional little fellow can be the very company that you need when stuck in odd places or situations.

The Innjoo M1 is a Power Bank

At first sight, the Innjoo m1 looks like a power bank. But that is only a quarter of its capabilities. While it has a battery capacity of 4,800mAh and can charge your mobile devices, it does more than just storing power for the rainy day. Power output is 5V at 1,000mAh.

Innjoo M1

The Innjoo M1 is a 3G wireless router

Built into the m1 is the ability to create a wireless hotspot from a 3G-enabled SIM card. The supported 3G band is WCDMA2100. The MiFi is quite easy to set up too. All I needed was a data enabled SIM, which I pushed into the SIM slot (standard SIM). Then, I set the device to 3G mode. Easy as pie. The techies in the house tell me it has a maximum speed of 7.2Mbps though.

The Innjoo M1 is a LAN Router

And should you be old school, needing to use a LAN cable to connect your laptop to the internet, the M1 has a LAN port just for that. This also provides internet via an embedded 3G SIM.

Innjoo M1 swiss army gadget

The Innjoo M1 is a Storage device

Lastly, there is a micro SD slot too, supporting up to 32GB cards. You can use this for storing all sorts of files when you are out and about. A micro-USB post means that you can plug it into a PC and move files either way too. This same slot serves for charging the m1.

There is a small yellow plastic switch on one side to power it on and off. The Innjoo m1’s ability to charge up my devices while still providing me with internet access makes it very convenient to use. This Swiss army knife gadget costs about N10,000 in the market.


  1. Agree. Do you know they also have an Android Wear smartwatch, the InnWatch (yet to be launched in Nigeria)?

  2. @Tonardo Please where can one get that product and how much does it cost? Is the dowload speed as specified? Can i really get up to 21.6 Mbps?

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