It looks like the iPhone 4 reception problems are not going away quietly. Richard Gaywood—Ph.D in wireless network planning from Cardiff University ran various tests

The iPhone 4 is a fantastic device but a lousy phone; Apple gets sued

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It looks like the iPhone 4 reception problems are not going away quietly.

Richard Gaywood—Ph.D in wireless network planning from Cardiff University ran various tests that analyzed the network throughput of the device and concluded: “The iPhone 4 is a fantastic device but a lousy phone“.

Gizmodo reports:

The resulting data was clear under both situations: There is a performance penalty when you hold your iPhone with your bare hand, independently of the bars displayed. When the signal is very strong, the impact is less noticeable. When the signal is weaker (chart above), the problem could stop communications altogether, like have been demonstrated already for both internet access and voice calls.

Gary also claims that, from his experience, it doesn’t feel like a software fault to him. He says that he is waiting for a formal response from Apple, thinking that “there’s some deeper problem here”.

According to Gizmodo, the tests results show what thousands of iPhone 4 buyers have been complaining about – that the iPhone 4 suffers from a design problem that affects the core functionality of the phone: Make calls and receive data. This is something that Apple has chosen to deny rather than address.

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The Law Suits Begin

Trust Americans, the first iPhone 4 class action suit against Apple and AT&T has been filed today in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland. The lawsuit focus on the antenna design problems, making several claims:

  • General Negligence (APPLE and AT&T)
  • Defect in Design, Manufacture, and Assembly (APPLE)
  • Breach of Express Warranty (APPLE)
  • Breach of Implied Warranty for Merchantability (APPLE and AT&T)
  • Breach of Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose (APPLE and AT&T)
  • Deceptive Trade Practices (APPLE and AT&T)
  • Intentional Misrepresentation (APPLE and AT&T)
  • Negligent Misrepresentation (APPLE and AT&T)
  • Fraud by Concealment (APPLE and AT&T)

Thousands of iPhone 4 users have reported reception and transmission problems in different countries around the world, which resulted in loss of internet connections and voice call drops and voice quality degradation. Other tests have demonstrated the antenna problems since then.

There is another iPhone 4 class action lawsuit said to be in the works. More suits may yet pop up.

Read more on this at Gizmodo.


  1. Opari. 🙂
    This goes on to show that nothing man-made is perfect. I hope some of those worshipping Steve Jobs and his Apple would wake up. The iPhone is just another smartphone, prone to problems.

  2. @Oluniyi D. Ajao. Good summation. Yes, the iphone is a man-made device. And as anything made by man, there are prone to be errors. Other phone also have the problem, but because they aren’t Apple would not get this kind of publicity. But the magnitude of the problem however, beats me.

    I have been painstakingly studying the iphone saga on the net. It is clear that not all the phones come with this fault. Some reporters from PCworld say that their units were okay. Nevertheless, the problem is just too big to be deliberatley ignored. Apple needs to apologize and give its loyal fans some rebates.

    I pity the early adopters very much. Because those that wait and buy later would probably get an improved or corrected model. Let’s wait for Apple’s next public statement on the issue. But I now doubt, following thus article that it is a software problem that can simply be corrected with a firmware update!

  3. Looks like the tune has changed.

    Anyway, law suits cant be new to Apple I am convinced they will handle the situation.

    Hoping for a quick solution.

    I love Americans, nothing would have happened in some other countries.

  4. According to documents leaked to Boy Genius Report today, AppleCare representatives are being given a strong company line to deliver to unhappy iPhone 4 owners who complain about reception issues.


  5. There is no way anyone can convince me that apple is not aware of this problem prior to pushing the phone out, so it is a clear case of fraud by concealment of facts and a big cover up to rip off loyal fans (what a pity).

  6. It is rather disappointing and surprising that high tech companies keep falling down on quality.

    See the innumerable recalls by Toyota in the automobile industry. Sony recently recalled hundreds of thousands of Sony Vaio notebooks over overheating issues.

    My Nokia 5800 was afflicted with the popular display problem. This defect was not present in later units!Thank God a firmware update eventually rectified that particular problem showing.

    This is also prevalent in half baked software (full of bugs) that are hurriedly released to the market before they are fully ready. All in the name
    of the competitive drive to be first to market!

    Good reputation takes a long time to build, but can be destroyed overnight if not carefully nurtured!

    I do not blame the customers that institute class actions. This will ensure that products are fully tested before being unleashed on customers.

    It is common knowledge that it its always safer not to be an early adopter of a new product. / technology. But with a more thorough approach to rigorous testing of products, this should not be the case.

    For me, I will try to avoid being an early adopter of ANYTHING.

    Caveat Emptor!

  7. I am of the opinion that apple really goofed on the iphone 4, some blogs also reported that apple was looking to hire some antenna engineers, uum strange coincidence if I must say.

  8. Yes, I read the Blog. Apple may have just noted its mistake and are running to hire some antenna developer to arrest the situation or correct it. Like Deoladoctor rightfully noted above, it would be difficult to believe that they did not notice the problem before bringing out the iphone 4. Maybe or except the problem was not present in all the phones. ANd their test units or prototypes were free from the problem. THough hard to believe.

    If I were among the early developer that dished out thousands of Naira to buy the iphone 4 and then discovered the antenna problem thereafter, then I would’ve been very disappointed. But as I said earlier, Apple is not the only culprit, other manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson also have their devices mistakes. SOme were pointed out in earlier post. Even Deoladoctor had a bad experience in his nokia 5800, and former motorola q.

  9. IPOD4 is a problem in foreign countrry because it signal strnght and wlan
    the quality of soud is faultating to badly.
    a lot of owner are complaining. let not our bad govt cheap to nigeria a dumping ground.

  10. Nobody is saying that other manufacturers like nokia,S.E,Samsung etc has not committed similar flaws but what we are saying is that the APPLE should admit it flaws and stop telling it customer to learn how to hold a mobile phone,period!

  11. @ Abubakar Mahmud. I agree with you. Apple needs to admit its errors in the iphone 4 antenna design and even go further and apologize for it. As I said earlier, if I was an early adopter and I had bought one of the units of the iphone 4 with bad antennae signal reception, I would have been terribly angered. The phone isn’t cheap so we should expect the best in quality.

    However, not all the iphone 4s have the problem. “Thousands of the phone” out of “millions” sold have the antenna issue. But I am not bold enough to try my luck with this. I, myself would have to wait until Apple gives out an official statement and correct the problem before attempting to purchase one for meself. I think that I still need the iphone 4.

  12. At last

    Apple accepts reception issue but the whole thing is kind of confusing again, anyways they will release an iOS4 update soon to address the issue.

    All hands are ‘Holding iPhone 4 the Apple way’ till we see the changes the update will bring.

    Think Differently. Hold Differently.

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