The iPhone's screen response time far ahead of the competition

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We try not to throw around too many geeky words here. Screen response time is the time it takes for the system to detect and register a touch, thereby launching an app or carrying out an action. Here is the news: according to tests run by Agawi, a company that has come up with a way to measure display latency, the screen response times on Apple’s iPhone products are far ahead of the rest of the competition. What this means is that, all other things being equal, the iPhone will almost always feel faster.

This is how Agawi put it:

“…Apple’s touchscreen hardware is better optimized or more sensitively calibrated for capturing and processing touch. Another possibility is that while the Android and WP8 code are running on runtimes (Dalvik and CLR respectively), the iPhone code is written in closer-to-the-metal Objective-C, which may reduce some latency. In future TouchMarks, we’ll compare C/C++-based Android apps to Java based apps to determine if this is the case.

Regardless of the reasons, the conclusion is clear: the best written apps on iPhones will simply feel more responsive than similar apps on the current gen of Android devices. (We speculate this might be a major reason why the iPhone keyboard generally feels better than the Android keyboard to many people.)”

Agawi put a range of smartphones to test. The line-up include: the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One Moto X, and Nokia Lumia 928. This chart shows you how the competition scales against the iPhone:
Agawi TouchMarks 1

If you are interested in more of the technical details, please head over to: Windows Phone Central where I ran into this.


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  1. Iphone is becoming tempting oh. From fluid operation to security, iphone is winning. If not for its over price, bluetooth restriction, small screen size and VERY easy to use U.I, i would have loved it. I wonder if the unofficial iphone store now works on io7.

  2. // (We speculate this might
    be a major reason why the iPhone
    keyboard generally feels better than the Android keyboard to
    many people.)//

    if ever there was an amorphous statement, this takes the candle..

    keyboard ‘feels better’

    yeah, right.


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