The Mobile Internet Market is Big or What?

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IE6 menuMobilityNigeria provides useful information for mobile subscribers primarilly in Nigeria, as well as intending visitors and investors in the Nigerian mobile landscape.

While we try to cover every possible angle of mobile news, issues, and reviews, our statistics tell us that the greatest traffic we get is from those interested primarilly in the mobile web.

Here is the list of the top 10 most popular articles on MobilityNigeria till date:

  1. Full Internet now available for Zain Prepaid Subscribers
  2. Glo Introduces Pre-Paid 3G Packages
  3. Etisalat Introduces EasyNet – Bundle Internet Packages
  4. Glo EDGE outruns MTN 3.5G
  5. The Android G1 at MobilityNigeria
  6. Make free Glo-to-Glo calls for N40 daily
  7. Opera Mini 5.0 Beta Now Available; Multiple Tabs Now Official
  8. Essential tips for using Glo prepaid internet bundle plans
  9. Opera Mini with Multiple Tab Browsing
  10. Using Zain Packet Data for Internet Browsing on PC

On this top ten chart, nine articles are about the mobile internet, while only one is about a phone review. Coincidence? Are there any lessons for investors, operators and businesses in the mobile sector?

We are throwing this subject open for our readers to discuss. You use those services. You are on the ground. You also use MobilityNigeria as a resource for information on mobile, meaning your usage pattern of this site contributed in some way to the above statistics. Who better to ask?

Tell us what you believe the stakeholders in the mobile industry (operators, handset manufacturers, retailers, and service providers) ought to be taking note of or doing in the light of the above statistics.

Vent. Rant. Analyze. Advise. Suggest. Demand. Happy posting!

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  1. It clearly shows that Nigerians are very interested in hooking up to the internet and loads of profit could be made from this, if only they could take out the “free browsing” peeps and offer more reliable and cheaper internet bundles.

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