The nightmarish dream I had about a Lumia 930

At around 8am yesterday morning, Emmanuel Oluwatosin asked me if I had seen the new Windows Phone flagship, the Nokia Lumia 930. Of course, I had. I remember that Nick Imudia, CEO of Nokia West & Central Africa showed his unit off to me during a chat we had just before I interviewed him back in May. Nick was so excited to hear that I had owned over 25 different Nokia devices that he asked that I be given a 930. Yes; Nick; I remember!

Anyway, Emmanuel came taunting me yesterday morning. I suspect that he already has one in his hands. He taunts me like that every time he has a new product or service in his hands. I replied him that I had seen one months ago. LASTMAN! Then we bantered a bit. As things go, it turned out that I needed a nap, and so, right after the lighthearted exchange with Emmanuel, I got in bed and dozed off….and I had the following dream….

A group of us were in a seminar-style room, and Emmanuel had a seat some rows in front of me. True to his geeky self, he sent his Lumia 930 over on a remote controlled car. Yes; really geeky stuff. Of course, I was ecstatic and lost myself ogling, caressing and fiddling with the phone. You know how dreams go. The next moment, I was right by his side and we were exploring the phone together when it dropped from my hands. Yes; to the floor. It hit the floor and – guess – it didn’t shatter. Shockingly, it just dissolved into a thick green liquid. Looking closer, I noticed a small brownish lump inside the liquid and wasn’t sure whether to touch it or not. But even that began to dissolve too. Emmanuel shouted that I should pick it!!!

Too late. Before I could get to it, the lump had gone, and all that was left was the thick greenish gooey substance. Oh; I was devastated! That beloved Lumia 930 was gone – and only because it fell from my hand. Emmanuel explained that the Lumia 930 was made out of some kind of futuristic nanobots (Iron Man, anyone?) that dissolved on impact, bla bla bla (ask him about all the details when you see him). Whatever. But that was a nightmare for me. A whole flagship device gone just like that?! Sacrilege.

Back to reality. In real life, my phones don’t fall from my hands. I have owned over 110 mobile devices and handled even more in my lifetime. Only one has ever fallen from my hand: the Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2012 – and the display shattered on the spot. It has never happened again. The gods of mobile will make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Especially, with a Lumia 930.

I promise, Nick. Eagerly waiting for my copy.


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