The Nokia 603 – 1 GHz CPU with a Belle topping

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Nokia has announced the 603, a Symbian smartphone running the latest version, Belle. The 603 is a colourful, affordable, no compromise smartphone preloaded with the latest apps and featuring single-tap pairing, sharing and tag reading with NFC.

This baby was designed to appeal to first timers in the smartphone world, and is made affordable without the compromise of quality. It comes preloaded with maps, latest social networking apps, HD games etc.

What to expect

– 3.5-inch, 360 x 640 pixel ClearBlack LCD display

– A powerful 1GHZ processor to make your apps run quickly & smoothly

– 2GB internal storage + microSD card slot

– 512MB RAM / 1024 MB ROM

– 5 megapixel full-focus camera

– Wi-Fi, NFC, USB, FM radio, a 3.5 mm audio jack

– up to six customizable homescreens and dynamic live widgets

– Up to six choices of back covers

– Scratch proof resistance display, optimized for use in sunlight.

– €200 (around N45,000)

The Nokia 603 is expected to start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2011.


  1. If Nokia can make a wonderful phone at this price point, why the heck are they kowtowing to WindowsPhone?

    I have this Mahjong feeling that the era of Manufacturers producing for multiple OSes is now firmly entrenched. Choice. Only Apple seems idiosyncratic..

  2. Nice write-up, Ese. Succinct and and to the point.

    Something to note, is that Nokia is now playing catch-up, which is a good thing. I smiled with relish when I learnt that the phone would come with 1GB single Core CPU & 512 RAM! Nokia is now trying doing what other manufacturers have been doing for long. Creating phones with commensurate CPU & RAM.

    Good One, Nokia! It has a better spec than even the Nokia 701! A good buy, if you ask me!

  3. @afewgoodmen, Well nice specs but 701 is better..better display with amoled and gorilla glass, bigger battery..and no micro sim wahala…the micro sim on 603 and lack of camera flash has put Me off i would rather go for 600

  4. yeah i even forgot to mention that big omission too..600 is generally a better phone although it has smaller screen at 3.2”

  5. At last, a phone I can buy for keeps as a reminder of my previous romance with Nokia.

    Sorry Nokia, am married now. Polygamy actually. Married to android and iOS. Still considering a side fling with Siri. ?

  6. No flash??? Oh! Who needs flash should come and take the flash of my E5…..Fixed focus cameras are useless! With/Without Flash

  7. Dear All

    Its high time we started getting used to Micro Sim. There is no argument about it, Smartphones are becoming more powerful and there is need to maximize space on devices. Sometimes I wonder why we have even been using all these big SIMs self.

    Micro SIM is the future.

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