In the early hours of this morning, I got tweeted at by a longtime Mobility Blog reader, PeterJero. Here was what he tweeted at me:

The phone that BlackBerry needs to make

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BlackBerry Q5

In the early hours of this morning, I got tweeted at by a longtime Mobility Blog reader, PeterJero. Here was what he tweeted at me:

What I think? Darned best idea anyone has given to BlackBerry in a while!

A year ago, the out-gone BlackBerry CEO insisted that the company would not make budget OS10 smartphones. I said back then that such a move was suicidal – and it was. It is good that BlackBerry now seems to see that it was a mistake neglecting the budget segment of the market, especially seeing that some of its strongest markets are in Africa and Asia. As at December 2013, the new CEO announced a partnership with Foxconn to produce a budget BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Splendid. We are getting there. We also know that BlackBerry is going back to its roots in QWERTY, so perhaps the coming budget BB10 device will be a hardware QWERTY device.

Now, if BlackBerry wants to ice this cake, they need to follow PeterJero‘s advice: make that budget BB10 smartphone a dual-SIM device. Does anyone need any treatise on the benefits of such a move? ‘Nuff said.

  1. Budget BB10? Yes. It only makes sense to think about Africa and Asia. I read that Apple is resurrecting the iPhone 4 (8Gb) for about $250 in India. They understand the number of first time smartphone users coming from those zones make up about 90% of the entire demand. The same can be said about Africa. Blackberry need drop their vanity and follow suit.

    QWERTY? Yes. They seem to be the only global brand who still has very recent QWERTY devices. I have run across a number of people who use BBs only because they have QWERTY physical keys. Recall the new QWERTY keyboard/case designed for iPhones? There are people who want these things. Not me though, that button punching business hurts my thumbs.

    Dual-SIM? Maybe. If everyone was like me, no dual-SIM phone would succeed in the market. But of course, Mr. Mo seems to be on the other side of the river on this one, along with a lot of other folks. I do think Blackberry would make a good killing on that other side of the river on this one.

    I submit.

  2. Yes: any phone would benefit from being multiple SIM anywhere, even in places where network services are rock_steady.

    You would have the opportunity of taking advantage of multiple favorable services.

    But, wait o..

    I have heard multi SIM phones consume more power than uni SIM ones. With the battery life of Blackberries being crap already, it can only worsen it, no? .

    And with Blackberries being notorious for packing up abruptly, hanging, etc, I wouldn’t trust multiple lines to that single handset. I would be up a Creek without a paddle if I own a single multi SIM BlackBerry, only to have it get a bad case of schizophrenia at the worst moment.

  3. U just aired my same concern @ eye_bee_kay. Considering the crappy battery life on BB, dual sim BlackBerry phones might just be suicidal. Which keeps me wondering why this has been such a lingering problem with BlackBerry. Can’t they just get it right?

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