I will start this article by quoting something that someone has said about the Nokia N8: You get the iPhone and are immediately wowed, and

Things I like about the Nokia N8

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I will start this article by quoting something that someone has said about the Nokia N8:

You get the iPhone and are immediately wowed, and with time you start to notice the shortcoming and get frustrated. On the N8 you keep liking it more, the more you use it

This has been pretty much my experience with the N8 too.

Nokia N8 iphone

Forget everything that Nokia/Symbian haters have said and be sure to use an N8 for a significant period before you pass judgement. Excuse my language, but very soon you’ll agree that it is one helluva device.

So, what are the things that I like about the Nokia N8?

1. The Hardware
Yes; that hardware is solid and well-built. You see, hardware cannot be updated, so it better be good.

2. The User Interface
The new Symbian UI is hundreds of miles better than what s60 5th edition is. I have never owned an S60 v5 device, but my friend Dayo has and I have had plenty of time with it. As a matter of fact, we did a detailed side-by-side comparison and found the difference great indeed.

3. The 12 Megapixel Camera
This camera re-defines what the word “cameraphone” means. You don’t have a cameraphone if you don’t have an N8. Simple. Whether it is still shots or HD video, the N8 rules without controversy.

4. Battery Life
I had doubts about the N8’s non-removable 1200mAh battery. All doubts have since been discarded. Let me put it straight – the Nokia N8 is the only touchscreen smartphone that I have used in 2010 that I didn’t have to worry about the battery dying out on me mid-day. Many times, the battery pushes beyond 24 hours effortlessly.

And that is after 15-minute email syncs, Facebook and Twitter, hours of web browsing, calls, awesome 12 megapixel shots (I have gotten addicted to taking pictures now), among others.

5. The Display
Indoors, outdoors, low light, burning sunshine, the display is visible, clear and sharp. And responsive. The homescreen’s customisation works well too, turning your display into a highly informative and dashboard.

6. Ovi Store
While the Ovi Store does not have as many apps as Android or iOS, it has more than enough. But beyond that, the store works fine and looks to me like it measures up to the Android market.

7. Game On!
Oh…. Let’s start with Angry Birds, just because the world has gone Angry Birds crazy. its there and sweet. But, move over, Angry Birds, and let’s burn some rubber with Need For Speed Shift!

Gameplay is smooth and sharp. The combination of that 680 MHz processor and graphics accelerator works wonders – whatever it is that Nokia did to it. The N8 certainly does not need a 1GHz processor.

Watch out for my N8 gaming review.

8. Onboard Photo and Video Editor
Rotate, resize, crop, insert clipart, draw, add bubble text, frame, remove red eye, stamp, tune, add special effects to your images.

Make a stylish slideshow from your pictures, create a video from your video clips and photos, merge videos, add background music, text, and split your clips.

What you have here is your own mini multimedia studio.

9. Ovi Maps
Free drive and walk license. Pre-loaded maps, so you conserve network data, and more. GPS fix is fast too. Review coming up soon.

10. Google Sync via Exchange
The ability to keep my phone contacts and calendar in sync with my Google contacts and calendars is very handy.

11. USB-on-the-Go
I can leave my netbook at home and not worry about running into a client who has something on a flash drive that he wants to copy for me. The Nokia N8 handles it just fine. I call it mobile computing approaching new frontiers.

12 FM Transmitter
Being able to play my favourite music through my car speakers is just cool. Need to rock the party with a track that you have on your phone? Not a problem.

I’ll stop at 12 for now. There is much to like about the Nokia N8, and attempting to list everyone of what endears me to this device in one article might result in a burnout. Keep on the lookout for those reviews.


  1. Keweno,

    There are no known real virus threats to the Symbian platform. Symbian is one of the most secure mobile platforms, if not the numero uno itself.

    PC viruses won’t run on a Symbian device, so even if copied it remains harmless.

    In the many years that I have used Symbian devices, copying files from PC via USB cable, I haven’t had one issue with viruses.

  2. Apart from the hardware which I still maintain is not at par with its folks up there, the N8 is a must-have and a phone to beat. Coming from you, the features and OS appears mouthwatering and I would love to EAT them. I am not one to shy from eyecandy.

    AMong all these, the features I love most is the revamp UI. Symbian 60 v5 leaves more to be desired. I also like the camera and Onboard Photo and Video Editor!

    I hope you stock this phone in your store soon.

    Good work Yomi.

  3. Please join me to pray…

    “No temptation has seizedyou except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

  4. On second thoughts, maybe the best way to avoid temptation is to kuku fall into it!


  5. Afewgoodmen,

    It is odd that though you haven’t held or used a N8, you are able to insist about the hardware.


    Please fall for this temptation. Just make sure that you buy from our phone store!

    @all: I am taking the N8 out on a comparison photoshoot against a dedicated 12 megapixel camera from Sony tomorrow. Expect a gallery of the results during the week.

  6. @Yomi, would appreciate if you could eventually/sometime -outline a few of the differences between the Symbian 60 Fifth, and this new ^3.

    Would want to decide if there are no existing third party s60v5 apps that that can effectively mimmick those new features…

  7. @ yomi, pc viruses didn’t affect my phone but the memory card did not quite make it.

  8. Well, that’s not a problem of the phone then. Ensuring that your PC anti-virus is up-to-date and scanning every file before you copy to your card should take care of that scenario.

  9. Yomi:
    The ovi store application on my device suddenly stopped working and i dont know what would have caused that. I’ve tried downloading and installed the application again but nothing happens.
    Please i need you to help me on how to fix it cos i’m really disturbed.
    Thank you.

  10. @Afewgoodmen.

    “Apart from the hardware which I still maintain is not at par with its folks up there, …….”

    I still don’t get this. The N8 (or the Nate, like Rita El Khoury- dosisx, calls it) has the best hardware on the market right now; hands down. Please verify this claim. Even Ricky Cadden after whom the Ricky Cadden syndrome(Nokia hate) is named loves the N8, hardware and software- wise.

  11. I have not really been a Nokia fan but his Toni’s review is very tempting oo. I will most likely considered the Andy for my wife’s next gadget as she loves Nokia. so I can borrow it sometimes to enjoy all these goodies mentioned here. particularly the Nigerian tailored supports. I really wanna try the Ovie maps.

  12. Yomi:
    No… I’ve not done any hard reset on the device. I read somewhere on net that hard reset corrupts the Qt framework and as such, all apps built on it stops working (ovi store, ovi maps) that’s why i’ve not tried the hard reset. Thanks

  13. @yomibalogun. Please do not get me wrong. The N8 is a marvelous gadget hardware wise.

    But when it comes to processing speed and RAM it falls short of other smartphones in it’s price bracket. Specifically, it’s CPU speed us about 680 MHz and RAM IS 256
    Megabyte. The iPhone 4, Samsung galaxy S and infact Samsung wave has processors of 1 GigaHz and 512 MByte in common.

    Although Yomi mentions that the Symbian OS architecture is not as resource intensive as other platforms…. I still would otherwise expect the Nokia N8, Nokia’s flagship phone for the moment to match the top range of other manufacturers in terms of processor and RAM.

  14. @Yomi,

    Pease i wouldn’t advice you to do something that will make you sad. Don’t push the N8 too far. Comparing it with a stand alone digicam is a recipe for failure. Even a 5MP digicam will win hands down. Where is your optical zoom? where is your big zenon flash? How about those manual overides?

    I think we should leave the phone in its class and let it shine. It is a phone primarily with added features. Lets not compare a lexus jeep with a private jet. It just won’t fly

  15. deoladoctor,

    Make me sad? No way. I have no doubts that the N8 will hold its ground, even if it is defeated by the digicam. You see, the idea is to show how close to a dedicated camera the N8 is. I am not necesarilly after seeing the N8 defeat a dedicated cam, though the N8 has already proven that it can (See GSMArena’s Nokia N8 vs. Samsung Pixon12 vs. Sony HX5v shootout: Blind test).

    You can also take a look at this Nokia N8 shootout against a 18 Megapixel Canon 550D DSLR. Interesting; isn’t it?

    Watch out for my own comparison shootout!

  16. kenjnr,

    I am told that your experience could be the results of an outdated version of QtMobility on your N8. If so, you will need to upgrade it.

    1. Download Nokia Qt SDK.

    2. Connect your N8 to the PC, then in the Start Menu select Nokia Qt SDK > Symbian > Install QtMobility to Nokia N8 device.

    I have never done this before, and make no guarantees on the procedure. All the best, and hope it works for you!


  17. It is so funny how people freak out when you pull out a digi cam and yet they feel confortable or they just dont care when you pull out a phone.

    so, bring forward the comparison lets see how close our pics can get.

  18. I dont think there is anyone here that loves the N8 like I do but before Yomi brings up his list I will like to mention two things i dont like about the N8.
    i would have really loved it if the phone comes default with a wifi router and office editing suite.
    I can here you loud, there are apps for that.
    May be the next question is drawing a line between compulsory apps that should come default in a phone.
    If we are not careful very soon we will even have to buy an app before we can makes calls on smartphones.

  19. I quite agree with bosun99uk here. To think that such a masterpiece should lack an office editor is unacceptable. This is one annoying thing with most high end devices and one good thing with the now discredited Windows Mobile Phones. My Samsung wave has wifi router out of box and is cheaper than N8.

    What I dislike in addition to the above is an absence of a hardware qwerty keyboard.

  20. Bosun99uk & deoladoctor,
    the absence of a complete office editor on some mobile platforms like symbian and bada is really annoying. D Samsung Wave has Picsel document viewer, but the paid upgrade isnt even available for Nigeria!! How lame is that?
    And the issue of typing on a touchscreen without swype don tire me. At least d Nokia N8 can get swype and nigerian users can pay for a complete office suite.
    My next smartphone MUST have a physical keyboard and a complete office editor suite. HTC Desire Z? Motorola Milestone 2? Nokia E7?

  21. I don’t think a digital camera is better than a phone camera i have tried some real world test and phones have come up tops. I tried a samsung 10mp digital camera and my nokia 6220c with 9t shots and my phone got brighter shots than the digital camera

  22. martinkem,

    Well, there’s more to pictures than just brightness. There’s sharpness, resolution, colour saturation (some cameras deliver very bright colours, making the pictures look more pleasant and colourful than the object really is but in reality that means that the camera is not accurate) and others that combine to make a good picture. With xenon flash on the 5MP camera, it isn’t surprising that you get bright pictures with a 6220c. What make is the digital camera you used?

    Also, please type full words. Not everyone will decode that “9t” means night. Thanks.

  23. Yomi

    Am just beginning to get at the surface of what many parts really combine in you. The answer you gave martinkem shows you’re not just a photography enthusiast. You are more. Even myself, a self styled photography expert with a Diploma in Photography from NYI (by correspondence) could not have given a better reply.

    Looks like we are going to get a solid and accurate write up on the fight between N8 and the digicam.

    Anxiously waiting..

  24. As for me, I don’t mind if there isn’t any document editor. So far there is a third app for that. That is all that matters to me.

    If there is a third party app, then it isn’t a short coming of the almighty N8. I prefer touch screen only phones. So I have no gripes whatever with the N8. It is every mobile phone lover’s dream. The question is when would it be available in the MB phone store?

  25. Afewgoodmen,

    I don’t get it. Symbian’s superb resource management means that the N8 does not need a 1GHz processor, but you want it to have one all the same.

    Symbian’s resource management means that the N8 runs smoothly and has amazing battery performance – and you’d prefer that Nokia throw that away just for appearances sake?

    I think that Nokia made a good call here with the CPU. For the first time in months, I have a high-specified smartphone without having to worry about battery life. I can be truly mobile and not have to carry chargers around.

    The N8 running on a 680HZ processor is testimony to how far ahead of others in terms of maturity and optimization that Symbian is. That kind of super efficiency should be praised, not knocked.

  26. @Yomi. Your exposition on Nokia’s OS resource mangement has been noted by me earlier. I think I stated it above. I am only wishing. Hoping. If Nokia could have jacked up the RAM and CPU of the N8 to what is obtained by others in the N8’s class, yet maintaining the same or better level of UI proficeincy and battery life, it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

    Not long ago, we had the megapixel and memory card race and display race in phone. Now we are talking about RAM and CPU race. Some Smartphones that would be coming out next year are expected to run on dual core CPU of even 1.2 GHz. The BB tablet for instance has stellar hardware configuration when compared with the Samsung tab and ipad.

    So the question goes sir; You have used the iphone 3GS, though that is not in the class of Nokia N8 and the iphone 4. I guess you must have also tried your hands on the Samsung Bada Wave, and Samsung Galaxy s smartphones! WOuld you mind giving your opinion of these gadgets compared with the N8 in the User interface speed and prowess. If the N8 is as responsive, intuitive and fast comparatively with mobiles so mentioned. have you had any “out of memory” display since you have started using the N8? Especially when multi-tasking? I know the out-of-memory dialogue box is common in Symbian Series 60 5th Ed with my hands-on experience on my current Symbian phone. Depending on your answere to my queries, then I should rest me case.

  27. Afewgoodmen,

    I have an upcoming article that provides answers to your questions in details. It is titled, “Symbian is the most resource efficient mobile OS“. That title should give you an idea what the answers to your questions are 😉

  28. Nokia’N8 is superb one that has ended my habit of changing mobiles in attempt to satisfy my desires. Many comments that I have read are mostly focusing on its processor and RAM capacity but I have not find any weakness relating these issues. Its hardware, camera, OS, USB-on-the-Go,Battery Life, Display, Ovi Store, Onboard Photo and Video Editor, FM Transmitter, very high memory capacity, office that could be editable after updating of the firmware, graphics accelerator etc are very few of its strongest sides. Through overall experience I would like to say the foolish who are blindly running after ipnone4 and other. But I dislike the web browsing, and anti-theft system(security) of it. Lets buy the original N8 and enjoy the world.

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