This ATM selfie speaks volumes

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ATM selfie

The above picture is a selfie taken from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Sourced from Twitter, the natural reaction of people was to laugh at the very idea. You know: “ATM things on point!!!” It could be indeed hilarious. But consider a few things.

The average Nigerian lives on less than $2 per day. That’s less than N300. This guy in the selfie has probably just opened his first ever bank account and has just been assigned an ATM card. Consider also that, besides a mobile phone, the closest thing to a proper computer that many Nigerians have ever used is the ATM. This photo ought to remind us that those of us who are used to technology on an everyday basis are not the average Nigerian. We are the minority. The privileged few.

The question is: how can we work towards making sure that more people enjoy the very privileges that we so take for granted? If indeed this is the young lad’s first ATM experience, it is worth celebrating with a selfie (which Mrs Mo says he is likely to send to his girlfriend and also make sure that everyone “at home” gets to see). He has stepped up, even if only a notch. Progress is progress.

Here is the Twitter source:


  1. Some complain of too much spending because there’s money to spend in the very first place.
    Some don’t feel comfortable to accept they stay in the mainland.
    I think one should thank God for whatever condition you find yourself especially when you storm into such pics in this Nigerian 2013

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